Leesa vs Eve Mattress

Disclaimer: This is my personal honest opinion of the differences and similarities between the Leesa and Eve mattresses. I was sent the Leesa for £1 for the purposes of doing comparisons. There is no input by Leesa into my editorial. I paid for the Eve myself.
Please note that the links back to the Leesa websites are affiliate links. This means I get a small commission if you buy via my link. This is no way affects my objectivity. Just making this clear!
I paid for the Eve Original mattress myself. There are no affiliate links aback to the Eve website as I was asked to remove them by Eve. If you would like to support my work in maintaining totally honest and impartial mattress reviews please consider buying the nearest Eve alternatives, Emma Original and Otty (similar firmness), through my links, thanks.

The Companies

Eve: Sold through by Eve Sleep who started as Eve Sleep ltd in October 2014. A London based company.
Leesa: Sold through Leesa Sleep who started as an American based company in 2014 and expanded to a UK base and setup in 2016.
So both Leesa and Eve have been around since 2014 and both are now selling the UK mattress from within the UK.

The Headlines:

Both sell a Bed in a box with a 100 night trial. Free pickup if you don’t want to keep it. 10 year limited warranty.
EVE is CertiPUR® certified and a mattress exchange for different size is allowed within the trial period (less handling and shipping fee).
Leesa have big ethical credentials and give away one in ten mattresses sold to needy causes. Leesa uses Avena foam (a patented type of polyfoam).

Regional Differences

Eve Mattress: UK version is very different to the USA/Canada version.
Leesa Mattress: Feel and configuration is similar across continents but the UK version is not CertiPUR certified as is the USA version.

The Mattress

You can view and buy Eve from UK stores. They are Dreams, Fenwicks, Bentalls, Debenhams and NEXT Home. You can also buy Eve from amazon. Leesa is available on amazon but not in stores.
Eve do extra large mattress sizes, namely an emperor (200 cm x 200 cm) and a 7 foot x 7 foot version.
Eve has a polyurethane foam top layer they call the Evecomfort layer. Leesa also has a polyfoam (Avena) foam top layer but the Avena polyurethane foam is a specific branded blend tested to have high durability. Both have memory foam under the top layer. Leesa has more comfort layers (10 cm vs 6.5 cm)
*Note while i talk about polyfoam and memory foam as two different things memory foam is really polyfoam with additives to change its properties. However for simplicity I talk about them as though they were different materials since their properties are very different.


Eve: polyester/elastane 100% polyester. Elastane is lycra and gives the cover a stretchy quality. The top portion of the cover is fully removable from the side and back of the cover and is machine washable at 40 degrees. There are handles on base to make moving it easier. Leesa: The cover is 100% polyester and is a one piece cover using material sourced in the Netherlands. It is not designed to be removed and unzips from underneath on the base. Not recommended to be machine washed. To clean spot treat the area with mild detergent and cool water.

Top Layer:

Eve: 3.5 cm (1.1 inches) CertiPUR® certified polyfoam. Density: 50 kg/m3
Leesa: 5 cm (2 inches) Avena® polyfoam. Density: 50 kg/m3
Both have polyurethane foam top layers. Leesa has 5cm while Eve has 3.5cm. The polyurethane foam used by Leesa is Avena foam, a trademarked and tested particular blend of polyurethane foam. It has been shown to be of higher durability than standard polyfoam. It has holes throughout the surface which aid airflow for better cooling and give the foam a softer feel. The Eve polyurethane foam is called Evecomfort but I know of no particular characteristics that differentiate it from standard polyurethane foam. Eve however is a CertiPur certified polyurethane foam for low harmful VOCs. CertiPUR® certification on Eve (all layers) means peace of mind that any leeching of chemicals is kept to a minimum and contains none of the most dangerous chemicals. Leesa has a 5cm top layer so it has more impact on comfort levels than the top layer on Eve. 50 kg/m3 is standard at this price level for a top layer polyurethane foam.

Second Layer:

Leesa: 5 cm (2 inches) Memory Foam. Density: 50 kg/m3
Eve: 3 cm (1.1 inches) Polyfoam. Density: 60 kg/m3
Again both mattresses have a layer of memory foam below the top polyurethane layer. The difference here is that according to Eve they use a 60 kg/m3 density against the 50 kg/m3 of Leesa and Eve is again a CertiPur memory foam. Leesa however has nearly twice the depth at 5cm vs 3cm. In some ways that makes this a draw as its the top layers that will soften and lose their properties first which means Leesa has more ibn the way of high density foam taking the top two layers as a whole.

Base Layer:

Eve: 17 cm (7 inches) polyurethane foam. Density: 33 kg/m3
Leesa: 15 cm (6 inches) polyurethane foam. Density: 33 kg/m3
Eve has a larger percentage of the mattress as the base layer, the foam is also slightly firmer to the touch. This possibly may mean it is better suited to heavier individuals as they sink to the base layer earlier and require more support. You can place either mattress on pretty much any surface apart from the floor for hygiene reasons, directly on springs or a slated base where the slats are wide apart.

Total height:

Eve: 23.5 cm (9.5 inches) in height.
Leesa: official height 25 cm ( 10 inches)
This is an interesting one, my Leesa is actually 24 cm (9.5 inches) high. The layers are as spec’d at 5 cm, 5 cm and 10 cm. However because of the way the top convoluted layer is glued to the memory foam you lose 1cm, it becomes in affect depressed by 1 cm

Average Density

Eve: 40 kg/m3
Leesa: 39 kg/m3
Higher density is normally an indication of better longevity down the line. However how the density is distributed is also important as the higher up layers will suffer the most wear and tear. These figures are based on the weights of my actual mattresses, not published weights. Leesa has more of the upper layers as high density so may offer better longevity. The difference is small though.

The containing box will weigh  about 2-3 kg.

Mattress weights:

These are my own calculated weights based on me weighing my own mattress.

Single 16.5 kg
Double 25 kg
King 29 kg
Super king 35 kg
single 18.5 kg
double 28 kg
king 32.5 kg
super king 39 kg

Leesa is the more substantial mattress in terms of total foam.

Tests and Analysis:

Edge support:

Using a variety of weights I had an average dip of 34% for Eve and 39% for Leesa.
Eve: Firmness 8.5/10
Leesa: Firmness 7.5/10

Sinkage and Firmness:

This is one area where the differences between the mattresses are clear. Eve is a firm feeling mattress while Leesa is on the softer side. This has a lot to do with the smaller upper comfort layers on the Eve when compared to Leesa.
Eve: Firmness 8.5/10
Leesa: Firmness 7.5/10


Leesa gains an advantage thanks to the holes across the top surface layer. Eve isn’t far behind since as a firmer mattress you lay more on top than with Leesa which aids cooling.
Eve: 7.5/10 for cooling
Leesa: 8/10 for cooling

Spot Relief (point elasticity)

Memory foam comes into its own when it comes to spot relief. This is a measure how far you can compress an area of the foam without affecting the surrounding areas. Eves memory foam wins out over the soft Avena foam on Leesa.
Eve: 8/10 for spot relief
Leesa: 7/10 for spot relief

Mattress for Sex/Bounce:

Both have similar bounce so the deciding fatcor will be if you prefer a firmer or softer surface along with the bounce.
Eve: 7/10 for bounce
Leesa: 7/10 for bounce

Weight Capacity:

Both mattress companies state a maximum weight of 114 kg (18 stone) per person.

Motion Transfer:

Perhaps surprisingly, despite being a little bouncier, Eve has slightly better motion transfer properties than Leesa. That is to say when one person lays down or moves on the mattress less motion is transferred across the mattress perhaps to your partner.
Eve: 8.5/10 for cooling
Leesa: 7.5/10 for cooling

Type of Sleepers this mattress suits:

The differences here are down to the difference in firmness. The firm feel of Eve making it less suited to side sleeping because of the pressure on the shoulder. Leesa may be less suited to heavier sleepers who like to sleep on their stomach due to it being on the softer side and the risk of the tummy falling too far into the mattress putting undue pressure on the lumbar region. Ideal for stomach sleeping is a firm mattress with a shallow but comfortable comfort layer. However nailing the right mattress for a stomach sleeper is pretty much impossible due to the exact nature it needs to be for the weight and size of the sleeper as you need to be near flat to be kind on your back.
Eve: Back sleepers 8/10 Front sleepers 8/10 Side sleepers 5.5/10
Leesa: Back sleepers 8/10 Front sleepers 8/10 Side sleepers 8/10


This is pretty much a draw going by advertised prices. The winner will be whoever offers the best special deal on the day.


Eve: Features a CertiPUR certified mattress meaning a guarantee of low harmful off gassing and no harmful chemicals in the foam. High average foam density. Handles on the base.
Leesa: Avena foam offers high resiliency and holes to aid cooling.
Eve: 8/10 for materials/design
Leesa: 7.5/10 for materials/design


Eve had very little smell and nothing that lingered. Leesa had a some smell for a few days that soon dissipated.
Eve wins here.


Of course there is no way to say which one is more comfortable, this is totally subjective. Also bear in mind comfortable for the first hour might not mean comfortable after 8 hours sleep if your spine is out of align and you get a backache. Or pressure on your shoulder gives you an aching shoulder. Personally I see comfort and a good mattress as different things. I like to sink into a mattress and feel enveloped but I know after a few days my back is not happy with sinking in to far. Best mattress for me is on the firm side and feels a bit firmer than I can call comfortable. With this in mind I feel Leesa is the more likely to be called comfortable in a general sense owing to it having more of a cuddly wrap around feel. I would also add that I feel lighter individuals will find the Leesa comfortable but heavier individuals will find Eve a better option.


Neither mattress features a form of zoning to help give more or less support in particular areas.


Itemout of 10
Edge Support Eve:8.5 Leesa 7.5
FirmnessEve: 8.5, Leesa 7.5
CoolingEve: 7.5, Leesa: 8
Spot ReliefEve: 8, Leesa: 7
Sex/BounceEve: 7, Leesa 7
Motion TransferEve: 8.5, Leesa 7.5
Back SleepersEve 8: , Leesa 8
Front SleepersEve 8: , Leesa  8
Side SleepersEve: 5.5 Leesa 8
Price both the same
Materials/Design Eve: 8, Leesa 7.5
Smell/off-gassing Similar
Zoning: none

Eve vs Leesa, the conclusion

So two mattresses at the same price level and similar configuration but very different in reality. Eve is suited to people looking for a firmer feeling mattress with decent spot relief (conforming properties) with reasonable bounce and good motion transfer qualities. Eve is also, in my opinion, more likely to suit stomach sleepers generally speaking asa firmer mattress. Leesa is the better choice if sleeping cool is more of a priority as the top layer has holes to aid air flow. Leesa also is softer, more enveloping as you lay on it than Eve and is a better choice for side sleepers thanks to being kinder on the shoulders. Neither mattress is an issue for  the chemically type smell you can get from foam mattresses after the initial couple of weeks. Both have design elements that make them stand out from the crowd. Eve being Certipur certified. Leesa has the unique Avena foam which is made for better resiliency and has holes to aid cooling. Leesa is a more substantial matterss with more total foam and higher average desnity. Read more in depth details about the Eve Mattress here Read more in depth details about the Leesa mattress here
Eve vs Leesa Mattress