The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress

Disclaimer: This is my personal honest review of my Dreamcloud Mattress. The mattress was supplied to me for free. All opinions expressed are my personal honest opinions. Dreamcloud have allowed me an affiliate link which means if you buy via my link I get small commission and you pay no extra. So win win!

The Company – Nectar Sleep Ltd

DreamCloud is a brand from ‘Resident’, a house of direct-to-consumer brands in the home goods space. The company owns and operates multiple brands catering to different consumer furnishing needs including Nectar and DreamCloud. In the UK the company selling the DreamCloud Mattress is the same company selling the all foam Nectar Mattress, Nectar Sleep Ltd.
Nectar first launched online in the USA in January 2017 and then formed a British based company headed by Angela Crouch in June 2018. The UK Nectar website went live in September 2018. The Dreamcloud website followed in 2019.

The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress Headlines:

365 nights trial, forever warranty, 1000 pocket springs, phase change cooling cover, edge to edge pocket springs, memory foam top layer, CertiPur!


The DreamCloud hybrid memory foam mattress can only be bought online.

Dreamcloud Versions

Made in the USA and the UK each version is different. The UK Dreamcloud Mattress is made and delievered from within the UK.

The Dream Cloud Mattress – Overview

Proper full height pocket springs at 15 cm sit under a layer of polyurethane foam and memory foam. Heat issues are addressed by a cover that is made with PCMs (phase change materials) to help with cooling. The overall height is said to be 29 cm which is quite deep at this price level. Also at this price level pocket springs are most often boxed in (encapsulated) to aid edge support. The Dreamcloud features edge to edge pocket coils which gives a more consistent feel across the mattress and is said to be more durable than foam support. Especially made pocket springs are used around the perimeter to give added edge support. Described as a 6.5 firmness level by Dreamcloud suggesting a very medium firm feel, the Goldilocks range.

All this is underpinned with an amazing 365 nights trial. You can sleep on the mattress for up to one year and still return the Dreamcloud mattress if it is not right for you.

The Dreamcloud delivery team can collect and recycle your old mattress for a small extra fee. You will be able to select this service during the checkout process. As standard the mattress will delivered to your room of choice.

The polyurethane foams (which includes the memory foam) are CertiPur certified for low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  

Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress
Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress Layers:

It should be noted that all the polyurethane foams contained within the Dreamcloud mattress are CertiPUR certified. CertiPur lays down strict criteria on what can be used within the foam and the levels of those chemicals. This helps minimise VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Dreamcloud Mattress Cover:

Top and sides 100% Polyester, Bottom 100% Polypropylene, 2.5 cm (1 inch)

This is a thick quilted cover that adds some 2.5 cm to the overall height of the Dream Cloud mattress. Nicely presented with handles on the side to make life much easier when maneuvering the mattress. White on top but beige on the sides adding some color so not yet another white/grey clone. The main feature for the cover is that it contains PCMs, phase change materials. These are materials that store heat in response to a rise in temperature and then release it again as the temperature cools. They do this by changing their state just as solid ice becomes liquid when it heats up and then becomes a solid again as the liquid cools below zero degrees. Woven into the fabric of the cover which helps make it temperature regulating and thus aid cool sleep.

Top Layer:

4 cm (1.6 inches) Memory foam

Memory foam is a slow responding material made from polyurethane foam but with additives that give it a unique feel. Unlike normal polyurethane foam or latex foam memory foam has little to no push-back. Unlike polyfoam that compresses under you memory foam dissipates around you which means it has great molding and body hugging properties. As memory foam works by absorbing your body heat. Dreamcloud call the memory foam they use ‘Dream Plush’ and describe it as breathable although I am not aware of how their version of memory foam differs from others.
Although I have no information on the layer densities it is interesting to note that the sister mattress, Nectar, also has a 4 cm layer of memory foam on top. That one uses revo foam and an educated guess of around 50 kg/m3. It might be a good assumption that Dreamcloud uses the same foam?

Second Layer:

4 cm (1.6 inches) polyurethane foam

Effectively the third comfort layer. This polyfoam layer will help add some responsiveness to the memory foam layer above being more springy than memory foam. This layer also provides additional comfort before you hit the body supporting pocket springs below. Some people call this the transitional layer since it is something between the slow repsoening body hugging memory foam above and the pocket sprongs below with their greater push-back and bounce.

Dreamcloud Mattress Layers
Dreamcloud Mattress Layers

Third Layer:

15 cm (6 inches) pocket springs, 1052 count

1052 pocket spring count means the number in a king size. Other sizes will have proportionally more or proportionally less.

Pocket springs have an advantage over foam in they have a lot of side to side movement as well up and down movement. This however means they often not great on the edges because they can have a roll off effect. For this reason unless the pocket springs are actually designed to be used along the edges foam is used to add edge support. This is known as boxing in or encapsulated pocket springs. The downside to this is that you lose a consistent feel across the mattress, lose benefits of air circulation around the pocket coils and foam tends not to have the longevity of springs. Good news then that the Dreamcloud mattress does indeed have edge to edge pocket springs. The pocket springs around the edge or perimeter are specially made for this purpose providing much stiffer and more stable movement on the sides and ends of the mattress. Called ‘ActivEdge’ the perimeter pocket springs work in unison with the larger diameter pocket springs that make up the rest of the mattress. Made by Leggett and Platt, the largest manufacturer of pocket springs in the world. ActivEdge by Leggett and Platt claim to improve performance consistency across the entire mattress and create a durable and dynamic edge for superior support and comfort. They extend comfort life, reduce or eliminate roll-off, and are heat-treated and tested for performance, quality, and durability. ActivEdge compress, fold, and roll-pack, and thus suitable for vacuum packed mattresses such ad Dreamcloud. Innersprings are said to sleep up to 28% cooler than foam.

Pocket springs differ from open coil in that they are all individual pocket springs and not one long coil as in older open coil mattresses.

Dreamcloud Mattress Pocket Springs
Dreamcloud Mattress Pocket Springs

Fourth Layer:

3 cm (1.2 inches) Polyurethane foam

A base layer of foam to provide a stable base for the pocket springs above.

Dreamcloud Mattress Overall:

Total height 28.5 cm (11.2 inches)
One of the deepest mattresses I have tried, most online mattresses come in around 23-25 cm high.
Average density: 49 kg/m3
A decent average density at the price level, compared to say the budget Vesgantti Luxe at 41 kg/m3. The Simba Hybrid Pro comes in at 43 kg/m3.

Dreamcloud Mattress Cover
Dreamcloud Quilted Cover with PCMs

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress weights:

Based on weighing my own Dreamcloud Hybrid mattress (with cover) the weights would be:

UK single24 kg
UK double36 kg
UK king42 kg
UK super king50.5 kg

Tests and Analysis:

Edge support:

Edge to edge pocket springs can mean not so great for edge support. However Dreamcloud uses pocket coils especially made for use around the mattress perimter and so edge support isn’t too bad. About average I would say. Better than say the boxed in edges of the Otty Pure mattress.
Edge Support: Score: 7.5/10
Good mattresses for edge support: Simba Hybrid Pro, Ergoflex 5G

Firmness (how far it sinks for a given weight):

I would say The Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress hits the Goldilocks zone. The true medium firm feel which is will be most crowd pleasing. Of course this will still be relative to your weight, heavy individuals will describe the Dreamcloud as softer and lighter individuals as firmer.
Firmness 7.3/10
Alternatives: Firmer Mattress: Emma Original, Medium Mattress: Nectar, Soft Mattress: Emma Hybrid


Heat issues that may arise from having memory foam as the top layer are addressed with the cooling cover. The Dreamcloud mattress cover contains phase change materials that help regulate changes in temperature. Normally memory foam would be around a 6.5 on my scoring for cooling due to the way it works by absorbing body heat. In the Dreamcloud this is alleviated by using full height edge to edge pocket springs to allow increased airflow and the top temperature regulating cover.
cooling 7.5/10
Also good for sleeping cool: Una Organic Mattress, Simba Hybrid Pro

Spot Relief (point elasticity):

I rate this by scoring the amount of foam effected outside the point of pressure and making a small weighted adjustment according to its firmness. This is due to the high correlation between firmness and point elasticity. Without doing this a concrete floor would be rated as good for point elasticity when clearly it is not great for sleeping on! I found the Dreamcloud about where I would expect this firmness level to be. In line with foam generally its ability to mold around you is very good with just a little more foam outside the  area of pressure being affected.
7/10 for spot relief
Good mattress for point elasticity: Ergoflex 5G, Nectar, Tweak Mattress


Although the Dreamcloud does include those substantial pocket coils there is a significant amount of comfort layer above including memory foam. This is absorbing quite a bit of the bounce so overall not as much bounce as you might expect although if you are used to memory foam you probably are not looking for a bouncy mattress anyway.
7/10 for bounce
Bouncy Options: Tweak Mattress, Emma Original 

Motion Transfer:

Although not over bouncy the pocket springs are a factor when it comes to how much movement you will feel when your partner moves. Memory foam is excellent for absorbing motion but those big pocket springs negate that somewhat in the Dreamcloud. Not the worst by any means but motion transfer is not the string point for the mattress.
Motion Transfer: 6/10
Good for motion transfer: Ergoflex, Hugge

Mattress for Sex:

The firmness level is certainly in the right zone for something most people would deem comfortable but possibly not quite enough bounce to be a great mattress for sex but certainly not too bad.
Mattress for sex: 6/10
Other options for a good mattress for sex: Tweak Mattress, Otty Pure

Weight Capacity:


Type of sleepers this mattress suits:

A decent all round mattress. The Dreamcloud with its medium firm feel will suit most sleepers at average weight. Heavy individuals may find the firmness level a tad soft for tum,my sleeping while lighter people may find not quite enough give for side sleeping.
Score: Back, 8/10, Side 7.5/10, Front 7.5/10.


Dreamcloud seem to have permanent substantial discounts so the average retail price below should be taken into account with available discounts. £250 off seems to be often freely available as a discount on the Dreamcloud website.
Average price: £937
Cheap online Mattress: Vesgantti Luxe, Premium mattress: Una Organic Mattress, Good value: Emma Original


10.5 cm of comfort layer is a decent amount of comfort on top of the 15 cm pocket springs. For example the very budget Vesgantti Luxe has 6 cm, the Simba Hybrid pro has 7 cm and the Otty Pure has 6 cm. At 29 cm high the Dreamcloud is a lot of mattress. It also has the PCM (phase change material) cover and edge to edge 15 cm pocket springs made by Leggett and Platt. The foam densities are unknown but it is CertiPur certified.
8.5/10 for Materials and Design


All mattresses soften up. The rate at which they soften up is the differentiating factor. The softening on Dreamcloud was on a par with or better than most of the mattresses I have personally tested.
Rated good for limited early softening
Alternative mattress for softening: Ergoflex 5G


Only a hint of a smell with the cover off and sniffing up close on day one. Any slight smell quickly dispersed and I have to rate Dreamcloud excellent for being a low smell mattress.
8.5/10 for smell
Low smell mattress: Hugge, Una


Totally subjective and one persons comfortable can be another persons nightmare. I found the Dreamcloud very much in tune with my firmness preference. A mattress I can use without a topper thanks to 10.5 cm of comfort layer and a firmness level edging to the softer side of medium firm. This does not mean it will be comfortable to you of course but I do class Dreamcloud as in the range that will be most peoples preference at average weight.


No special zoning on the Dreamcloud Mattress..


Item out of 10
Edge Support 7.5/10
Firmness 7.3/10 (medium firm)
Cooling 7.5/10
Spot Relief 7/10
Bounce 7/10
Motion Transfer 6/10
Sex 6/10
Back Sleepers 8/10
Side Sleepers 7.5/10
Stomach Sleepers 7.5/10
Price av: £937
Materials/Design 8.5/10
Smell/off-gassing 8.5/10
Zoning: no


Type Price
Single £499
Double £699
King £799
Super King £899
Dreamcloud Hybrid Edge to Edge Coils
Edge to Edge Pocket Coils

General Mattress Notes:

The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress could be considered in the premium budget sector. The materials used are on the above average side for this level of price in the online mattress market but bear in mind the densities of the foam are unknown to me and so I cannot comment on this element. There is enough comfort layer on top of the pocket springs that you will not be aware of the pocket springs below you unless you are on the particularly heavy side. I personally have a preference for memory foam and so I was happy that Dreamcloud use this as their top comfort layer. Memory foam is not for everyone of course because the flip side of its great molding proprieties is the slow response to movement. It also can have heat issues due to the fact it works by absorbing your body heat. However the cover uses phase change materials to address the heat issue and the pocket springs add response to the layers above. The other huge deal with Dreamcloud of course is the no strings 365 night trial. This is something to give confidence that if you have any problems in that first year you can return for a full refund. The average trail for most online companies is 100 nights with some less than that. The pocket springs go edge to edge and this is not common at all in this sector. Edge to edge means better air circulation and a more consistent feel and is achieved by using pocket springs especially made for use around the perimeter. Using foam around the edges to increase edge support is far more common. While the foam densities may be unknown we do know that all the foam is CertiPur certified for low VOCs. Note that while Dreamcloud sell internationally the UK Dreamcloud mattress is manufactured and shipped from within the UK. As standard the mattress is delivered to the room of your choice. Warranty: Points to note from the Forever warranty: For the first 10 years of ownership Dreamcloud we will replace your mattress with a brand new one for defects in workmanship and materials. After 10 years they will repair and re-cover your mattress or replace it. Your mattress must be used on an appropriate base such as a platform bed or other suitable bed frame. Normal body impressions (not greater than 4cm) are not defects and are not covered by the warranty. Excessive body impressions of greater than 4cm are covered by the Forever Warranty for as long as the original purchaser of the DreamCloud mattress owns it.

Dreamcloud Hybrid vs Emma Hybrid

Both have springs but Emma has micro springs for comfort while Dreamcloud has full size springs for deep down support. Emma Hybrid is slightly better for motion transfer and more bounce. Emma is a soft mattress while Dreamcloud is firmer with a medium to firm feel. Dreamcloud has more comfort layer. Dreamcloud is CertiPur certified.

Dreamcloud vs Emma Original

The Dreamcloud is a hybrid mattress while Emma is an all foam mattress. Emma original is slightly firmer than the Dreamcloud. Emma original has more bounce and absorbs more motion. Both have memory foam but with Dreamcloud this is on top while with Emma it’s the second layer down. Dreamcloud has twice as much comfort layer than the Emma original, 10.5 cm vs 5 cm. Dreamcloud is also 5 cm taller than the Emma. Dreamcloud has a cover with phase change materials to aid cooling.

Dreamcloud vs Ergoflex 5G

Both have a similar firmness level and bounce. The Ergoflex has much better motion transfer and is also better for edge support. Both have memory foam but Ergoflex 5G has 9 cm of high density memory foam while Dreamcloud has 4 cm of lower density memory foam. Dreamcloud adds phase change materials to it’s cover to aid cooling. Dreamcloud has edge to edge full size pocket springs for deep down support while Ergoflex is all foam.

Dreamcloud vs Nectar

Both have memory foam but Nectar has 9 cm while Dreamcloud has 4 cm. Dreamcloud adds a cover with phase change materials to aid cooling. Nectar has better motion transfer and point elasticity. Dreamcloud has full size edge to edge pocket springs for deep down support while Nectar is an all foam mattress. Dreamcloud is 2 cm taller than Nectar.

Dreamcloud vs Otty Original

Both are hybrid mattresses with full size pocket springs. Dreamcloud adds phase change materials to its cover for better cooling. Dreamcloud has substantially more comfort layers than Otty Original and is notably softer. Dreamcloud has a 365 night trial vs 100 nights for Otty.

Dreamcloud Hybrid vs Otty Pure Hybrid

Both have full sized pocket springs. Both have memory foam top layers but Dreamcloud has more total comfort layers. Otty Pure is slightly firmer and bouncier than Dreamcloud. Otty uses bamboo and charcoal to help sleep cool while Dreamcloud uses phase change materials in the top cover. Dreamcloud has edge to edge pocket springs while Otty has foam around the perimeter of the mattress.

Dreamcloud Hybrid vs Tweak Hybrid

The Dreamcloud has a medium firm feel while the Tweak can be configured for multiple firmness levels. Both have full height pocket springs but Dreamcloud has 15 cm springs vs 10 cm springs on The Tweak. Tweak has no memory foam while Dreamcloud has a top memory foam layer. Tweak has more bounce and has better point elasticity. Dreamcloud has edge to edge pocket springs for more consistent feel and is CertiPur certified for low VOCs.

Dreamcloud vs Simba Hybrid Pro

Both are hybrid mattresses but Simba has two layers of micro springs (5 cm total) while Dreamcloud has 15 cm full sized pocket springs. Dreamclouds pocket springs go edge to edge while Simba uses foam to box them in. They both have similar firmness levels. Simba has a thin wool top layer while Dreamcloud has a thick layer of memory foam. Simba has a little bit more bounce.

Dreamcloud vs Simba Luxe Hybrid Pro

Both have springs but Simba Luxe has micro springs and mini springs (3 layers) for comfort while Dreamcloud has full size springs for deep down support. Both are similar for motion transfer while Simba Luxe has more bounce. Dreamcloud and Simba Luxe both have a medium to firm feel. Simba Luxe has better edge support and potentially will sleep cooler with a top wool layer while Dreamcloud has memory foam on top. Both are CertiPur certified.