The Vesgantti Luxe Hybrid Mattress

This is my personal honest review of my Vesgantti Mattress. The mattress was supplied to me for free for review purposes. The company have made no requirements in any way and have had no input on my review at all. I do not have any commercial relationship with this company. The but online links are using my amazon affiliate links on which I get a small commission if you purchase through my link.

The Brand: Vesgantti

Vesgantti is a Chinese based company founded in 2012. They state they have a UK headquarters in Cardiff. In the UK the Vesgantti mattress is sold by a company called Muzoo ltd who have a base in London.

The Vesgantti mattress Headlines:

Bed-in-a-box, 100 night trial, CertiPur, full size pocket springs, 10 year warranty, budget mattress, free pickup if you don’t want to keep your mattress.

Regional Mattress Differences

The mattress appears to be the same in all geographical locations.


Only available online via their website or Amazon.

The Vesgantti Mattress – Overview

A mattress manufactured in China and sold across the world with the promise of quality at genuine budget price levels. The quality is sold on the basis that all polyurethane foams are CertiPur-US certified to be made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde and phthalates. They have Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions at less than 0.5 parts per million.
Following the well trodden online mattress model the 100 night trial and free return if you are not happy with your Vesgantti mattress, 10 year warranty and shipped vacuum packed in an oblong box. Note the mattress is manufactured by Vesgantti who also make a range of other mattresses and other furnishing products it is actually sold by a separate company who in the UK are Muzoo ltd. Delivery is coevered by either DHL, DPD or UPS.
Vesgantti Luxe Hybrid Mattress


100% Polyester
The Vesgantti matress cover is quite different in both look and feel to other online mattresses I have tried. Also please note the cover incorporates the main top comfort layer, see below for more details. Not just the often used plain white and grey colour combinations but the use of shades of blue and raised material on the sides makes it quite an attractive looking cover. It actually has a more expensive look and feel than typical polyester covers. I say typical polyester covers because the label states: 100% polyester. However along the top of the cover right across its entire surface it says Cashmere. Now of course cashmere Cashmere comes from the soft undercoat of goats bred to produce the wool and is a costly premium material known for its soft feel. It would be extraordinary if this was indeed cashmere but the label makes no mention of wool. Indeed directly asking the sellers of the mattress I was simply told the cover is mostly polyester, which is still somewhat vague. I must assume then that the cover does not contain cashmere although its look and feel would not be out of step with a part wool product. Wool also helps keep a cover fire retardant, whether this explains the use of wool or if wool is used at all I am unable to find out. The front of the mattress includes the name Vesgantti for the branding and its fancy font does help give the mattress a look of being more expensive than it actually costs. Handles on each side are a useful addition of ten missing on more expensive mattresses.

Top Layer:

4 cm (1.5 inches) Polyurethane foam
While I am calling this the top layer of the Vesgantti mattress it is actually part of the cover, the cover incorporates a 4 cm layer of polyurethane foam within its quilt surface. There is not much more I can say on this other than it is said to be CertiPur-US certified which is great at this price level.

Second Layer:

2 cm (0.8 inches) polyurethane foam
Laying directly over the pocket springs is this 2 cm layer of polyurethane foam.

Third Layer:

Edge to Edge (8.9 inches) pocket springs, 712 spring count in King size
A surprise to me was finding the pocket springs are edge to edge, at this price level pocket springs are usually encapsulated or boxed in with polyurethane foam. A downside of pocket springs is normally poor edge support owing to the bend they inherently have. This can lead to a roll-off effect as you lay on the edge of the bed. For this reason a cheap way to re-reinforce the edges of a picket sprung mattress is to use blocks of firm polyurethane foam but the downside is lack of a consistent feel across the surface of the mattress. Vesgantti have chosen not to go that route. The spring count in my UK single size is 406 which means the King size count is 712 and this is how spring counts are calculated, by the number in a King size. The springs are covered top and bottom by a thin sheet of material. Since the springs are actually the base of the mattress and do not sit stabilised on a sold layer of foam the mattress would be best suited to a sold base rather than slated base. This is because with slates some rows of springs will be pressing down into open air, reducing their effectiveness and possibly damaging the material below them. The pocket springs are encased in a polyester cover and glued together, these are known as spun bond pocket springs. Made from tempered steel with 5 active turns. While firmness of a spring is a matter of several factors generally speaking less turns means a firmer springs, given the lower pocket spring count on the Vesgantti mattress a firmer individual spring makes sense.

Vesgantti Mattress Overall:

Total height with cover: 28 cm (11.4 inches) Average density: 41 kg/m3 Mattress length variability: Spot on at 190 cm of the specification of 190 cm long.
Vesgantti mattress Pocket Springs

Vesgantti Mattress weights:

Based on weighing my own Vesgantti Luxe Hybrid mattress (with integrated cover) the weights would be:

UK single20 kg
EU single21 kg
UK double30 kg
EU double33 kg
UK king35 kg
EU king37 kg
UK super king42 kg

Tests and Analysis for the Vesgantti Mattress:

Edge support:

How much will your Vesgantti Luxe Hybrid mattress dip while you sit or sleep near the edge. The difference between mattresses that I have personally tried isn’t huge, it is not like going from a firm to soft mattress where the difference is very evident. In my testing there is no edge fall off effect as you move towards the edge. That being said Vesgantti is below the edge support I have found on my other full sized pocket sprung mattresses, Otty and Leesa Luxury Hybrid. Not bad in any sense and inline with the Una mattress. In terms of actual amount of sinkage for the same given weight Vesgantti is just behind the likes of Simba Hybrid, Emma Original and Casper. Bruno, Otty, Ergoflex and Leesa Hybrid lead the way here. However because Vesgantti is higher than many of those mattresses in percentage terms it i middle ground. That is to say while it make sink a bit more you will notice it less because it is dipping less as a percentage of its total height.

Edge Support: Score: 7/10

Firmness (how far it sinks for a given weight):

I evaluate firmness by measuring the dip for a varying amount of weight. Firmness will be a combination of both actual and also perceived. How gradually you sink and the amount of push-back will be factors. I rate the Vesgantti Luxe as a true medium firm mattress, not firm and not soft. Slightly firmer than the likes of Nectar and Simba, noticeably firmer than Casper and Una. Not quite as firm as the Leesa Original or Ergoflex and noticeably softer than say the Leesa Luxury Hybrid, Emma original and Otty Hybrid.

Firmness 7/10


The most common reason for heating issues is the use of memory foam as a top layer, so as there is no memory foam at all used in the Vesgantti mattress that is one tick for anyone sensitive to heat issues. Foam generally does however carry some ability to accumulate heat and 6 cm of polyurethane foam as comfort layers means there is still some potential for heat build up. Being a quilted top cover design means there are air pockets immediately below you which will help with this. Further as the majority of the mattress is taken up by the pocket springs air flow will be much greater than on an all foam mattress especially as the pocket springs are edge to edge. So overall a decent option for those looking to avoid sleeping hot.

Cooling 8/10

Spot Relief (point elasticity):

Those pocket springs doing a good job here with the Vesgantti Mattress fairing better than the Leesa mattresses, The Casper, The Una and The Simba Hybrid original mattress. Not quite up with the likes of Otty, Emma Original or Nectar. About the same as the Ergoflex.

8/10 for spot relief

Mattress for Sex/Bounce:

Quite a springy bouncy mattress but soft enough to still be comfortable for most people makes this a decent choice for a good mattress for sex. It certainly has plenty of what you may call life or feedback as in you will feel a lot of motion transfer rather than say the dead feel of a memory foam mattress.

8/10 for Sex

Weight Capacity:

There is not much information regards weight capacity for each different type of mattress Vesgantti sell. There i however a generic snippet about their mattresses generally. In that they state the suggested weight capacity is 200 lbs (90 kgs) per person or 400 lbs total for hybrid mattress ,and 150 lbs (70 kg) per person or 300 lbs total for memory foam mattress mattresses. This is on the light side of the normal recommendations for other mattresses.

Motion Transfer:

Being a springy mattress means the Vesgantti mattress is never going to be great for motion transfer. This is the amount of movement you would feel if for example your partner is shifting in the bed. On a par with the latex of Una Mattress and a tiny bit better than the very firm Bruno. No match for the likes of Ergoflex, Emma Original, Nectar and Leesa original who do great in this regard.

Motion Transfer: 6/10

Type of sleepers this mattress suits:

I found the Vesgantti Luxe Hybrid excellent for back sleeping at my weight of 13.5 stone with both good support and point elasticity (the ability curve around your body). The springy nature of the mattress was less forgiving on the shoulders for side sleeping because of the amount of push-back. Should be fine for anyone of average or less weight for tummy sleeping but may be too soft for those of a heavier build.

Score: Back, 8.5/10, Side 6/10, Front 7.5/10.


The Vesgantti Luxe Hybrid mattress is the cheapest mattress I have so far reviewed and tested. As far as price goes it is the lowest on my website so far.

Average price: £176


I have to take price into consideration here. There are some things that I would not expect at this price, a quality cover, CertiPur certified, handles on the side and a decent weight. others are the trade-offs I do expect such as a lower spring count than might be optimal at 700 for a King size and few active turns. However edge to edge pocket springs are very welcome. 6 cm of comfort layer is slightly on the lowish side. However in terms of that new mattress smell you might expect the Vesgantti had zero odor from day one. None at all and this is the first mattress I can say that about.

8/10 for Materials and Design


As stated above the Vesgantti mattress is the first mattress I have tried where I can say the smell was non-existent. There has simply been no odor of any kind from the moment it was unwrapped.

9.5/10 for smell


The medium firm feel will suit a lot of people and if you like that combined with good bounce you will most likely find this mattress comfortable. Of course this is totally subjective and for this reason I never score a mattress for comfort. You will also need to be happy with a high degree of push-back due to the large pocket springs.


There is no zoning on the Vesgantti.

Vesgantti Hybrid Cover
Vesgantti Hybrid Cover


Itemout of 10
Edge Support7/10
Firmness7/10 (medium)
Spot Relief8/10
Motion Transfer6/10
Back Sleepers8.5/10
Side Sleepers6/10
Stomach Sleepers7.5/10
Priceav: £176


EU Single
EU Double
EU King
Super King£180

General Mattress Notes:

Vesgantti Luxe Hybrid Mattress Wrap-up:

Vesgantti branding When the guys selling the Vesgantti mattresses in the UK first approached me to review their mattress it didn’t appear to be of much interest to me. A very budget mattress from a brand based in China, not the sort of thing I have been reviewing. I then delved a little deeper and it the first thing that struck at me this price level was the fact that it is CertiPur certified, well all their mattresses are. This is great albeit it is CertiPur-US. However keep in mind this covers ONLY the polyurethane foam within the mattress so will be of more interest in the all foam mattresses they do than the mattress I ended up reviewing, The Vesgantti Luxe Hybrid Mattress. Most of the mattress is the large 22.5cm pocket springs with only the top 6cm being polyurethane foam. My next port of call was to check their Amazon scores and here across countries and their entire mattress range they consistently scored in the mid 4s out of 5 with 100’s of review for some of these. I know there is a lot of people out there who do want reviews on these low price mattresses so I thought ok, this is an opportunity to try one. Actual specs of the luxe hybrid are sparse to non-existent online (other than the headlines that this is certiPur certified for its polyurethane layers) so I had no real idea as to what to expect. First impressions were good but confused. The cover has a quality feel to it and looks good with raised ridges and shades of blue around the sides. The label states 100% polyester but the material is emblazoned with the words Cashmere and a picture of a sheep. So does the cover contain wool? Even the seller does not seem to know. What struck me was the lack of any smell, it was zero for my sniff test, I have never had a zero smelling mattress on day one before so that was good. So on to the first night. Softer than I was expecting, generally speaking less pocket springs means a softer feel and a spring count of 700, which is on the low side, may explain that. Much bouncier and springier than I would normally want I actually found the Vesgantti a comfortable and pleasant first night. I was already surprised but I realise it takes a while to really know if a mattress is in tune with your body or not but by the end of 3 weeks I can say I never had a bad night. I am a side and back sleeper. The downside of the springiness was that it was a bit too much pressure on my shoulder but from a back sleeping perspective it was a a very nice sleep. I did not miss my topper in this position. I have to say given the price I can have no complaints. The real difference between a costly mattress and a cheap mattress normally comes in terms of the quality of materials. Better quality and more costly should mean more longevity. The mattress should take longer to soften up and thus last longer int he firmness level you liked at the start and also longer to develop dips. I cant say how the Vesgantti Luxe Hybrid mattress will perform long term. I can say the amount of local softening on my Vesgantti mattress was about average for mattresses I have tested. Some have been and some have been worse. On average I test for about 3-4 weeks, please keep this in mind. If you are lighter than me softening will take longer, if you are heavier softening will happen quicker. I do not know the densities of the top 6cm of polyurethane foam but it would be a fair guess to reckon they would be on the less dense range given the price. The pocket springs have 4 active turns which is on the low side. More active turns give more flexibility it its response generally speaking. However there are many factors which determines how a spring performs and how firm it will be. The pocket springs have no stabilising base so I would recommend not using this on slats. If you do then place some mdf or the likes across them. Edge to edge springs for a more consistent feel was also a pleasant surprise. I would have to say this is a recommendation then for a low price mattress if you bear in mind its possible weaknesses down the line, most notably longevity.


Not covered: A visible indentation or sag greater than three-quarters (3/4) of an inch (2cm) in the foam material. This refers to an indentation that is visible when no weight is applied to the top of the Product. Please note that “normal wear” assumes and requires that your mattress is continuously supported by a proper foundation sufficient to support the distributed weight of your body and the mattress itself.

Vesgantti Luxe Hybrid vs Otty Hybrid

The Otty Hybrid mattress has the same amount of comfort layers on top of it’s pocket springs buts top layer is gel memory foam vs the polyurethane foam of the Vesgantti. They both have similar bounce but Otty is a better for motion transfer. Otty is firmer than the Vesgantti mattress. Both are good value but Vesgantti is much cheaper.

Vesgantti Luxe Hybrid vs Simba Hybrid Original

Although the Simba is said to be a hybrid mattress it uses micro pocket springs which are for supporting the comfort layer only, they do not offer actual body support as in full size pocket springs found on the Vesgantti. The Simba is a little softer in feel than the Vesgantti with less bounce but better motion transfer. Vesgantti has a polyurethane top layer while Simba uses synthetic latex.

Vesgantti Luxe Hybrid vs Emma Original

Emma Original is an all-foam mattress while the Vesgantti Luxe Hybrid uses full size pocket springs. The Emma is firmer, has less bounce but much better motion transfer properties. Emma has memory foam under the top layer but Vesgantti has no memory foam. Emma is a which best buy mattress.