Alan Ross Reviews

Thanks for dropping by! I used to review mattresses but now I’m a bluetooth/portable speaker guy. You can find all my reviews on my Youtube channel You can still find all my mattress review here and I still recommend the Ergoflex though other mattresses have very much changed since I reviewed them.
Some of my favourite speakers are listed below and the full list of current speakers worth a look are here>> Alan Ross Reviewed Speakers

Top For value

Tribit Stormbox Blast: Pound for pound champ! Unbeatable combination of deep bass and balance imho for the money. Not as deep (or boomy) as the JBL Boombox 3 but that speaker is much larger and costly. The blast actually uses the woofers from the JBL Boombox. For me in my neutral EQ I can get some sort of HiFi type sound, a bit more sophisticated than the normal party sound if you like from these sort of speakers. Currently flip flops in UK between £150-£200. Not perfect as the case with just about every speaker out there. Has a 5.5khz dip that you have to EQ around.

Special shout-out

Soundcore Motion Boom: Amazingly deep bass to 40hz for its size and price. My last pound for pound champ before the Blast.
Mifa Wildbox A Motion Boom alternative. Sound is dependent on the firmware which must be manually updated. The original firmware I reviewed was more bass heavy than the next firmware and I haven’t tested any firmware’s since. Some prefer its more neutral sound (they say) to the same sized Soundcore Motion Boom.
Soundcore Motion Plus
Still worth a look, my original world pound for pound champ the Motion Plus can still offer great clarity.

£50 champion:

Soundcore Boost V2
Great bass for its size, Soundcore Boost: This is classed as a compact travel speaker but for me is a best buy at around £50. Note there is an issue where at lower volumes bass can pump but for me it’s so rare as to be a non issue, others find it more annoying than myself.