The Nectar Mattress – UK Version

Disclaimer: This is my personal honest review of my Nectar Mattress. The mattress was supplied to me for free after I requested a mattress for review purposes. Nectar made no requirements in any way and have had no input on my review at all. They have allowed me an affiliate link which means if you buy via my link I get small commission and you pay no extra.

The Company – Nectar Sleep Ltd

Nectar is a brand from ‘Resident’, a house of direct-to-consumer brands in the home goods space.
Nectar first launched online in the USA in January 2017 and then formed a British based company headed by Angela Crouch in June 2018. The UK website went live in September 2018.
Resident also sell the Dreamcloud Luxury hybrid mattress in the UK, a sister brand to Nectar and also with a 365 nights trial.

The Headlines:

Bed-in-a-box, 365 night trial, CertiPur, two types of Memory Foam. Free pickup if you don’t want to keep it. Forever warranty (see end of page). Climate neutral company. 2 free pillows. Will pickup your old mattress.

Regional Differences

While many people will be aware of how well the Nectar Mattress has sold in the USA it is important to note the UK and USA versions are different. The UK version does not use gel memory foam which the USA version does so the foams are different. This should not be a surprise since the UK Nectar Mattress is manufactured right here in England


Online only.

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The Mattress

There are a lot of very scientific sounding terms used in the marketing for the UK Nectar Mattress. Terms such as ‘Smart Sleep technology’, ‘Adaptive cooling’, ‘medical grade’, ‘polymer’ make this sound like something we have never seen before. The truth is Nectar is bringing smart branding along with a value for money memory foam mattress in a market that is fast evolving, the online mattress sector. So smart adaptive refers to the cover and foams used which include additions and innovations to help cooling. There is no getting away from the fact that this is a memory foam mattress and by its very nature memory foam has heating issues, some better than others, but you should not be thinking anyone so far has removed heat buildup from a memory foam mattress. The top layer does contain a unique type of memory foam, its the Revo branded memory foam from Vitafoam, which claims to have greater resilience, greater air flow, higher wicking properties and dissipates heat quicker than some other leading brands. Medical grade is said to be used for the second memory foam layer but there is no definition for medical grade memory foam (or other foams) and so I will not comment further on this as I have not been able to get an explanation as to what makes this medical grade. One thing is for sure, the Nectar Mattress is CertiPur certified which is a very good thing. You can check out my explanation of CertiPur certification here but in a nutshell it means a strict set of criteria have been set as to what chemicals and what levels of those chemicals are in the foam layers of the Nectar, but not the cover. This is still on the rare side in the online mattress world and is a certainly a good thing at this price level. Bear in mind the likes of the high end Tempur range carry no certification at all. You also of course get that extended forever warranty where Nectar will still repair your mattress after 11 years. 5-10 years is the common warranty length in the mattress world but of course the devil is in the detail and not all warranty are the same. Always read through the warranty to make sure you keep inside the obligation on its care. Nectar offers a two man delivery team to your room of choice. This is a huge deal because many online companies will only deliver to your front door. If you are on the tenth floor of a tower block you have a problem. Nectar will also take away your old mattress for free, again a standout offer. While many companies will offer free pillows as a sweetener deal Nectar make it part of the standard offer and still have various money off offers on the mattress itself. So on paper Nectar do seem to be offering a real alternative in this sector with some unique offers and services. Also remember this is a proper memory foam mattress. The memory foam isn’t hidden away a layer below or just has a thin top memory foam layer. The top 9cm of the mattress are memory foam which means it will feel like a full on memory foam mattress, slow sinking and hugging. You need to like that feel to like this mattress but it also means you fully get the pressure relieving benefits of memory foam.
Climate neutral mattress company via the Amazon rainforest Partner Offset Project.

Nectar Mattress
Nectar Mattress


Top and sides 100% Polyester, Bottom 100% Polypropylene

Made up of the almost ubiquitous white top and dark grey sides the cover is decent quality at around 2kg in weight. The cover is a one piece that unzips from the bottom. there are no handles. The feel is slightly thick and the top cover is quilted and stitching forms large squares across the top cover. One end is branded with Nectar written in big white letters and the other end has a smaller blue label and Nectar written again upon it with white letters. Polyester covers are by far the most commonly used covers on mattresses. This is due to its naturally durable property, it resists wrinkling and shrinking, does not absorb water and so is highly wicking via evaporation and is naturally fire retardant. However It should be pointed out that polyester is made from petro chemicals and is not covered by the CertiPur certification.
According to Nectar the cover includes a temperature sensitive polymer. This would mean a polymer that changes its state with temperature and in this case as it does so with higher temperatures it improves its wicking properties and increases evaporation as it does so. I know no more about this than what is stated on the website. If this is correct it would mean a cooler drier sleeping cover than other polyester covers.
The label states the cover can be washed at 40 degrees. However Nectar themselves say not to wash the cover as it will degrade it.

Nectar Layer Densities:

Nectar do not publish the density for the top two memory foam layers. They do publish the density of the bottom layer so I can take an educated guess at the top two layer density based on the overall weight of the mattress. Just to reiterate Nectar provided this mattress for free and are happy for me to make a totally unbiased review. This includes no request for me to not display my own guess at the density layers.

Top Layer:

4 cm (1.5 inches) Memory foam (50 kg/m3 assumed)

The Nectar mattress features a high quality memory foam for its top layer, Revo foam. This branded memory foam offers greater resilience, greater air flow, higher wicking properties and dissipates heat quicker than leading current memory brands. These are the claims for Revo foam. Based on the weight of my mattress and knowing the base layer is 33 kg/m3 my best guess for the density of this layer is 50 kg/m3. This is inline with most of the online offerings. It is certainly possible to find higher density for the top layer but not with a 365 day return policy. It is also a CertiPur certified foam.

Second Layer:

5 cm (2 inches) Memory foam (50 kg/m3 assumed)

This second layer is something Nectar call a medical grade memory foam. There is no real definition of what would constitute a medical grade memory foam and I was unable to obtain any extra information on this to allow me to understand how it falls into that category. Again my best guess for this layer density based on the overall weight is 50 kg/m3. As layers go deeper it becomes less critical as to the density so being the same density as the layer above is fine.

Base Layer:

16 cm (6.3 inches) polyurethane foam, 33 kg/m3.

33 kg/m3 is the official specification from Nectar themselves. They also state the firmness is rated at 140 newtons which equates to a firm feel. Exactly as you would expect for the base layer. Being at the bottom means again density is even less important and the only requirement for this layer is to hold your body up, thus it is firm. The base layer includes zoning to fine tune the feel. With small cuts along its entire length for a slightly overall softer feel and then larger cut outs at hip and shoulder level to add more softness still.

Nectar Mattress Overall:

Although the foams themselves add up to a height of 25 cm because the cover adds substantial height itself (2 cm) the overall height is 27 cm.

Total height with cover: 27 cm (10.5 inches)

Average density: 39 kg/m3
One issue with mattresses is the variability in size. My mattress was very good for being within spec at 189 cm of the specification of 190 cm long. This really is an issue in general with some brands and is something that catches people out so Nectar was good in this regard.

Nectar Mattress Layers
Nectar Mattress Layers

Nectar Mattress weights:

Based on weighing my own Nectar mattress the weights would be:

UK single16 kg
EU single17 kg
UK double24 kg
EU double26 kg
UK king28 kg
EU king30 kg
UK super king34 kg

Tests and Analysis:

Edge support:

Edge support is very much aligned with firmness. I found Nectar good for a softer mattress and slightly better than Leesa, Emma original, Una and Simba. Can’t match the firmer mattresses such as Ergoflex, Leesa Luxury Hybrid, Eve, Otty and Bruno.

Edge Support: Score: 8/10

Firmness (how far it sinks for a given weight):

Nectar softens up like all these foam mattresses over the first few weeks and I rate them on firmness after this time. After a little softening up I found Nectar memory foam mattress to have a feel that it is more in line with the Simba Hybrid Original and a little softer than Vesgantti Luxe Hybrid, Leesa Original and the Ergoflex 5g mattress. Noticeably softer than the Leesa Luxury Hybrid, Emma original mattress, Otty Hybrid mattress, Eve original and Bruno mattress. Firmer than the Casper Original mattress  and the Una Mattress.
The big difference between these true memory foam mattresses such as Nectar and Ergoflex and the polyurethane foam mattresses such as Leesa Original and Casper original is how slowly they sink. With Casper Original and Leesa Original and the others you sink fairly quickly to the maximum amount of give while Ergoflex and Nectar can sink slowly over a period of hours. This means how you perceive their firmness can vary greatly with how long you sleep in one position. The longer you are in one position the further you will sink and thus the softer it will feel. Nectar has a softer more giving feel than the higher density Ergoflex 5G mattress. While I rate Nectar as a softer mattress over a full nights sleep I think it will still suit people after a slightly firmer who shift position frequently during the night.

Firmness 6.8/10


Nobody buys a memory foam mattress for better cooling. Memory foam heats up by its very design. Over the years different techniques have been used to try and reduce the heat build up. For some they will be effective and for others it will not be enough to avoid heat issues. The Nectar Mattress uses Revo foam which is designed for increased wicking away of moisture and better heat dissipation. I had no issues on Nectar but I am not very sensitive to heat issues in general.

7/10 for cooling

Spot Relief (point elasticity):

The amount of foam being affected outside the area of pressure. Nectar was excellent in this regard and up with the firmer mattresses such as Otty, Bruno and Emma original. Better than other similar firmness mattresses such as Una and Simba. This means your curves will still be supported while your hips, shoulders etc sink in. Better than another memory foam mattress in the Ergoflex.

9/10 for spot relief

Mattress for Sex/Bounce:

With virtually no bounce at all the Nectar mattress is not the greatest option for a night of passion. This is of course no surprise as memory foam has no push back thus no spring. It is a very dead feel with low transfer of movement.

6.5/10 for Sex

Weight Capacity:

146 kg (23 stone) per person on a double. This is quite a high rating with the norm being more around 114 kg (18 stone).

Motion Transfer:

Excellent as expected for motion transfer. This of course is the flip side of the bounce score and is what memory foam is famed for. Up there with Emma original and just behind Ergoflex for a good mattress for motion transfer.

8.5/10 for motion transfer

Type of Sleepers this mattress suits:

This is a general guide based on average weight. If you are on the heavy side the Nectar will be even less suited to stomach sleeping. If you are on the lighter side it will be more of an option for stomach sleeping. being on the softer side makes it a decent option for side sleeping where the shoulder needs a lot of give and the hips need a lot of filling out and support.

Score: Back, 8/10, Side 8.5/10, Front 6/10.


Priced midway between its direct competitors. Of course this is based on retail prices and discounts are always of offer. Nectar also have another deal sweetener as two free pillows come as standard with the mattress.

Average price: £624


On the plus side is the use of high quality Revo memory foam, CertiPur for low VOCs, a forever warranty and the high 146 kg rating per person for the mattress. Shame about no handles on the bottom and Polyester cover. Manufacturer says you cant machine wash the cover but label says you can. Cover is removed from the underside.

8/10 for Materials and Design


Nectar is a low smell mattress. However the smell that is there is a little different to other mattresses. When you are up-close and personal you can smell a low grade chemically type smell but it doesn’t seem to travel. So away from the mattress you smell nothing and it doesn’t fill the room with a smell. It also fades over time.

8.5/10 for smell


This is so subjective as to not be measurable with a score. I found Nectar to be a very functional and non-offensive mattress. I cannot say it was amazingly comfortable to me but I had no issues. I can see Nectar suiting a wide range of individuals. Maybe a jack of all trades while master of none. For a mattress this is a good thing.


The Nectar Mattress has extensive zoning. Small cuts all along the top of the base layer to add a little extra softness all along and then larger channels cut at hip and shoulder level for even more give at these pressure areas. Zoning at the base makes for a subtle effect overall and is never a deal maker of breaker. It is fine tuning and either suits or it doesn’t.

Nectar Mattress Zoning
Nectar Mattress Zoning


Item out of 10
Edge Support 8/10
Firmness 6.8/10 (medium soft)
Cooling 7/10
Spot Relief 9/10
Sex/Bounce 6.5/10
Motion Transfer 8.5/10
Back Sleepers 8/10
Side Sleepers 8.5/10
Stomach Sleepers 6/10
Price av: £624
Materials/Design 8/10
Smell/off-gassing 8.5/10
Zoning: yes, 7 zones in base layer


Type Price
Single £399
EU Single
Double £599
EU Double
King £699
EU King
Super King £799

General Mattress Notes:

Nectar Mattress Overview:

Nectar Mattress Box
Nectar Mattress Box
My experience with the mattress was very positive. Nectar have though through a lot of usability issues such as making sure you have a two man team deliver to your room of choice and will take you old mattress away. They have made a big play with the forever warranty but do note the first 10 years is handled differently than 11+ years. Also bear in mind it is very unlikely you will be keeping the mattress, or any foam mattress, that is used daily for that length of time. Average length of time for a foam mattress even of very high quality is 5-8 years. They will all soften up, start to take on permanent impressions of your body and start to dip over time, it is the nature of foam. Higher quality mattresses will just take longer to reach the unusable stage. Nectar use Revo foam which offers improved durability amongst other things so should hold up well. The densities are not anything to shout about from my best guess with the overall density around 39 kg/m3. Density however is not the whole story although higher density is desirable. Over the few weeks I have slept on the Nectar Mattress it did soften up as expected but never lost its supportive and highly contouring nature. It felt a very solid mattress and surprisingly non-memory foam like its responsiveness and maybe little lack of hug. I was comfortable on back and side. There is a slight odor to the mattress that diminishes over time but it doesn’t seem to travel and does not fill the room. it is just there as you smell it close up. This is a CertiPur mattress which is a big deal, and I would gladly pay extra for a CertiPur mattress for the extra control on the chemicals it can be produced with. The Nectar Mattress did a great job of filling in the curves in my body between the areas that sink in. Also remember being a true memory foam mattress makes it great for aches and pains as it does not push back on those areas in the way normal polyurethane and latex does. I personally have a pet peeve when a CertiPur mattress uses a polyester cover. Polyester is of course produced with chemicals and is the closest part of the mattress you have contact with but sadly is not covered by the CertiPur certification.  I would also like to have seen some handles on the sides or bottom. Strangely while the label clearly states machine washable at 40 degrees the Nectar support insisted that they do not recommend machine washing and it may affect the quality of the cover if machine washed. While being one of the softer mattresses I have tried after its breaking in period it never felt soft in use thanks to its responsiveness and great point elasticity. Nectar have a recommended weight limit per person of 146 kg which is excellent. If it matters to you Nectar are a carbon neutral company via a project planting trees in the Amazon forest.


As always needs to be pointed out with these mattresses, they have an incorporated base layer making it easy to place anywhere and on any surface other than a slated base where the slats are too wide apart and allow the foam to sink through. It also means you can only rotate but not turn the mattress. Rotate daily if you can for the first 30 days to help even out break in.


Only available since September 2018 and so far only version of the Nectar Mattress has been produced in the UK.


They say: The last mattress you’ll ever need to buy. It may well be but its hard to take this one on board. No mattress lasts forever, none so far produced anyway. They all soften up over time due to the continual compression decompression they undergo. I would advise caution if this alone is the reason you buy the Nectar mattress.

Nectar Forever Warranty

While it is great that Nectar are providing a warranty that lasts for the lifetime of your mattress there are a couple of things to note. First off the warranty for indentation or sag does not kick in till there is at least a 4 cm dip (1.5 inches). Also years 1-10 are handled differently than years 10+. The warranty states: For the first 10 years of ownership, we will replace your Mattress and/or Mattress Cover with a brand new Mattress/Mattress Cover at absolutely no charge to you. In years 10+ Nectar will completely repair and re-cover your Mattress/Mattress Cover, or replace your Mattress/Mattress Cover, at our option. The only charge you will incur will be a transportation costs of £65 each way, which charges will be waived if a Defect is confirmed by us, to exist.

Nectar vs Dreamcloud

Sister companies. Both have memory foam but Nectar has 9 cm while Dreamcloud has 4 cm. Dreamcloud adds a cover with phase change materials to aid cooling. Nectar has better motion transfer and point elasticity. Dreamcloud has full size edge to edge pocket springs for deep down support while Nectar is an all foam mattress. Dreamcloud is 2 cm taller than Nectar. Both have similar bounce.

Nectar vs Emma Original

Nectar and the Emma Hybrid are soft mattresses while the Emma Original is a firmer mattress. Both Emma mattresses have polyurethane foam on top while Nectar features 9 cm of memory foam. Nectar is much better than the Emma Hybrid for point elasticity and similar to the Emma Original. Both Emmas are much more bouncy but Nectar is far better for motion transfer.

Nectar vs Ergoflex 5G

Nectar is 9 cm of memory foam on top while Ergoflex 5G has 14 cm of higher density memory foam. Similar firmness levels though Nectar is a tad softer at the shoulder area. Ergoflex has better edge support while Nectar has better point elasticity. Nectar is a tad more bouncy but neither are particularly bouncy. Both have good motion transfer properties but Ergoflex is a little better than Nectar. Nectar has a 365 night trial while Ergoflex is 30 nights.

Nectar vs Otty Pure Hybrid

Both have memory foam but Nectar has 9 cm while Otty Pure has 4 cm. Otty Pure adds bamboo charcoal to it’s memory foam and adds holes to aid cooling. Nectar has better motion transfer and point elasticity but Otty Pure has a lot more bounce. Otty Pure has full size pocket springs while Nectar is an all foam mattress.

Nectar vs Simba Pro

The Simba Hybrid Pro is a bit firmer than the Nectar Mattress. Nectar has memory foam with a sinking in feeling while Simba Pro has a springy feel with little sinking in. Nectar is better for motion transfer due to the memory foam. Simba will likely sleep cooler as Nectar has memory foam on top while Simba Pro has a thin wool layer on top of a polyurethane layer (with added graphite). Simba has micro pocket springs to add spring and durability to the top layers. Nectar has a year long trial period.

Nectar vs Simba Luxe Hybrid Pro

Nectar is a memory foam mattress while Simba Luxe has no memory foam but 6000 mini pocket springs. Nectar has better motion transfer and point elasticity but Simba has much more bounce. Both have CertiPur certified foam. Simba will sleep cooler and has better edge support. Simba Luxe is much taller and heavier.

Nectar vs Una

Organic latex vs memory foam. The Nectar mattress is a memory foam mattress with a 365 night trial. Una uses natural latex and has a 100 night trial. Latex vs memory foam means Una will sleep cooler. Nectar is a tiny bit better for edge support and they both have a similar firmness. Una has a springy feel and will quickly reach its maximum sinkage. Nectar has a deader feel and will sink gradually over a long period of time. Nectar wins on point elasticity. Una with more spring is a better option for sex but Nectar is much better for reducing motion transfer. Una is chemical free.

Nectar vs Tweak

Nectar is a memory foam mattress so will sleep hotter than Tweak. Nectar has better motion transfer and point elasticity but Tweak has more bounce. Tweak is a hybrid with pocket springs while there are no springs in the Nectar mattress.