The Ergoflex 5g UK Mattress

Disclaimer: This is my personal honest review of my Ergoflex Mattress. I bought the mattress myself and after my unboxing video Ergoflex refunded my payment without request from me. They stated they were now supplying mattresses for free for online reviews and refunded me simply as a goodwill gesture. They have made no requests on what I do and say in this or any other review. They have allowed me an affiliate link which means if you buy via my link I get small commission and you pay no extra.

The Company: Ergo Flex Ltd

The company behind Ergoflex was formed in March 2007. The same directors listed when the company was formed remain in place today at the time of this review. They are Jack Margaret and Gerald Macewan.

The Ergoflex 5G Headlines:

Bed-in-a-box, 30 night trial, CertiPur, Oeko-tex certified, 10 year warranty, free pickup if you dont want to keep your mattress, high density memory foam, next day delivery, washable cover, white glove service available.

Regional Mattress Differences

Ergoflex also sell their mattress in Australia. The mattress in the UK appears to be the same as sold in Australia.


Not available from any high street stores.

The Ergoflex 5G Mattress – Overview

This is all about the quality of the memory foam and whether as the marketing suggests Ergoflex is the nearest bed in a box option to buying a Tempurpedic mattress. It must be understood what makes Tempur the leading brand for memory foam and why you pay the high price for a Tempur mattress. There is of course a certain premium for the name but Tempur have in the past been known for their high density memory foam. Density matters because the higher the density (the amount of foam contained within a certain area) the better the longevity will be as it will be more durable. So it will last longer and hold its properties longer. Tempurpedic were of course the originators of the commercialisation of memory foam, a product developed by NASA in the 60s for astronauts and so have a long history of developing and perfecting their memory foam. In its simplest form memory foam is polyurethane foam with specific additives to create a foam that responds to body heat by molding around the points of pressure. Normal polyurethane foam compresses under pressure and stores that pressure as spring back thus memory foam has less push-back than a normal foam and the reason why hospitals use it to reduce bed sores. So my point here is that to challenge Tempur a company must have a memory foam of 70 kg/m3 plus and must use a significant amount of it and it must be the top layer of the mattress. Ergoflex used to advertise their foam at 85 kg/m3 which would be near the same used in the past by Tempurpedic. However for commercial reasons they no longer advertise the density and I must go by weight to make a guess at what is being used. Ergoflex with 9cm of still high density (see my testing below) memory foam do indeed on paper provide a value for money alternative to Tempur. I want to point out that the memory foam used is of the traditional type, as it should be if you want the full benefits of memory foam. By this I mean it has the classic sticky molding feel as you push down with a slight delay in response. Many companies advertise memory foam but its more of a hybrid designed to provide more spring back and faster response. However by doing this they are negating some of the very benefits people are looking for from memory foam. Companies will advertise their mattress as using memory foam but that layer is under the top layer. This means it cannot act like a memory foam by reacting to your body heat and I do not consider them memory foam mattresses. Also watch for the depth of the layers used which are often no more than 3cm or so. Again you will not get the benefits of memory foam with such shallow layers.
In terms of my Ergoflex overview Ergoflex do have next day delivery which isn’t something all the online mattress companies offer. Delivery is free unless you want next day for a Saturday in which case there is a £35 charge. The mattress will of course arrive in a box which you open and then pull out the vacuum wrapped mattress. Ergoflex go beyond the certiPur certification which some mattresses (but not many) offer with Oeko-Tex certfication which covers the whole mattress, not just the polyurethane foam layers. Something which Tempur do not offer at all.
Ergoflex also offer what they call their white glove service. This is a two man team who deliver to your actual bedroom, unpack the mattress and take away all the packaging. You must ask for a quote if you need this service.
Ergoflex 5g mattress
Ergoflex 5G memory foam Mattress

The Ergoflex 5g Mattress Layers:

The foams used all have both CertiPur and Oeko-Tex certification for no harmful chemicals and controlled amounts of other allowed chemicals. Oeko-Tex goes further than CertiPur as covering the whole mattress and all materials used including even the zip.


41% Tencel, 59% Polyester

It is great that Ergoflex have gone for Tencel in their mattress cover, Tencel being a natural product made from wood pulp with great breathability, hypoallergenic and wicking properties. However it should be noted that the cover is actually a blend of Tencel and Polyester with polyester being of course a petro-chemical product. The majority of competitors do use a 100% polyester cover with no Tencel at all. Ergoflex does however have Oeko-Tex certification which certifies the cover amongst all other elements as having no harmful chemicals. The cover is fully removable although to do so you need to unzip it from the very bottom of the mattress. The cover is also washable at 30 degrees, this is often not possible with other mattress covers. One thing to note is that while the cover itself is deliberately super thin to aid heat transfer there is a protective stocking between the cover and the mattress. This negates to some degree the benefit of having such a thin cover.

Top Layer:

9 cm (3.5 inches) High Density Memory Foam

When buying the Ergoflex mattress you will first and foremost be buying it for this top memory foam layer. A full 9 cm of full-on memory foam, not a hybrid as often used where it is a balance between normal polyurethane foam and memory foam to offer more response. When you lay on it you get that traditional memory foam feel of very slowly sinking in and molding. The degree to which you feel that sinking will of course depend on your weight. Lighter people will not have such a sinking sensation as heavier people. Because this is a higher density than often used on bed in a box mattresses it also has a firmer feel than you might expect, unless you have tried some Tempur mattresses too. Ergoflex no longer publish the density of this layer. It used to be 85 kg/m3 and while it might be slightly lower now (I can only guess by weighing the mattress as a whole) it is clearly still of high density judging by the overall weight of the entire mattress (including the non-memory foam  base layer) and its excellent average overall average density of 50 kg/m3. This is around 20% better than all the other memory foam mattresses I have tried. 
While I talk about the memory foam on Ergoflex as being of the traditional type it is quite responsive and not the stuck in quick sand type of years ago. I would hope anyone buying a memory foam mattress would be aware of potential heat issues It is worth pointing out that memory foam works by reacting to your body heat and by nature will tend to sleep hotter than other foams. The layer below hopes to alleviate that to some extent with its castellated foam.
As with all layers the foam is CertiPUR certified and also covered by the Oeko-tex 100 standard.
The foam used is described as ACPT™ foam. This stands for advanced cellular polymer technology. It doesn’t seem to mean anything specific other than a description of the foam itself.
In my own experience after a solid 4 weeks of sleeping on the mattress I found almost no change in the firmness at all. This is great. The most common issue I normally notice is localised softening at the points of highest pressure, a 1.5 cm change in firmness over a 4 week period not being uncommon. The Ergoflex memory foam mattress was almost exactly the same firmness at the time of this review as when I first lay on it. This is the benefit of higher density foam.

Second Layer:

5 cm (2 inches) Polyurethane Foam

The transitional layer is 5 cm of polyurethane foam. The thing to note here is the convoluted design. The egg crate shape cutting allows for air to circulate and thus help with cooling as it allows trapped heat to escape as well as fresh air to circulate. It is something Tempur also do. The downside is that it does mean foam has been removed and thus makes it weaker than it otherwise would have been. This is the same issue as when used for zoning on the base layer as we often see with other brands. Note though that Ergoflex does not have zoning as such so the use of this convoluted layer is no different to most others using a layer of this type. The layer also aids transition from the softer memory foam layer to the firm base layer.

Third Layer:

9 cm (3.5 inches) Polyurethane foam

This is the firm base layer. The density will be lower than those above and is here to provide support, nothing else. In effect it is the layer than actually holds you up. Being part of the mattress it means this is a no flip mattress, you are not meant to sleep on this bottom layer.

Ergoflex Mattress Overall:

There is effectively 14 cm of comfort layer on the Ergoflex if you count both the top and middle layer. This is significantly more than most online competitors and while it does not make the mattress softer it does aid longevity as it is the comfort layers that soften the most over time.
Total height with cover: 23 cm (9 inches)

Average density: 50 kg/m3
This is a great density. Most online mattresses are around 40 kg/m3. Only Bruno and Leesa Hybrid have been around this mark. This shows that true high density memory foam is being used and promises good durability for the mattress.

One issue with mattresses is the variability in size. My Ergoflex mattress was very good for being within spec at 191 cm of the specification of 190 cm long. So almost bang on spec.

Ergoflex Layers
Ergoflex Mattress Layers

Ergoflex Mattress weights:

Based on weighing my own Ergoflex mattress (with cover) the weights would be:
UK single 20 kg
EU single 21 kg
UK double 30 kg
EU double 33 kg
UK king 36 kg
EU king 38 kg
UK super king 43 kg

Ergoflex Mattress – Tests and Analysis:

Edge support:

I found the Ergoflex to have decent edge support. You have to be realistic with a foam mattress that it will give as you sit on the edge. In my tests i had an average dip of 33% for a variety of weights which is a good result. It means for most sleepers they are not going to experience a roll off effect as they sleep towards the edge. Of all the mattresses I have tested only the Leesa Hybrid mattress was better for edge support.

Edge Support: 8.5/10

Firmness (how far it sinks for a given weight):

In terms of the memory foam mattresses I have tried Ergoflex is a little firmer. Certainly firmer than Nectar AFTER they have been broken in. I always allow about 4 weeks to break in a mattress to see what the firmness will likely be long term for most people of average weight. In almost every case they soften up around the areas where it received most compression, for a back sleeper this will be at hips level. Ergoflex did not soften up which is good. It means the firmness level was more consistent which is important because the trial period with Ergoflex is 30 days not the 365 nights of Nectar or 100 nights of many other online offerings. My scores for firmness are all after break in which is important to remember. Another thing to note is memory foam will go on sinking for a period of time after you have been laying on it. Know that my firmness scores are an average taking a measurement over a period of time. Also remember memory foam requires heat to soften up. If you have lots of sheets on top of the mattress it will feel firmer than if you lay closer to the actual memory foam itself. It will also feel firmer in a cold room than a warm room. I have to give a single guide score but you must take all these factors into account. Ergoflex 5G sits around midway of mattresses I have tried firmness. Overall about the same softness as the Leesa original. A bit firmer than the Vesgantti Luxe Hybrid, Simba Hybrid and Nectar mattresses. Noticeably firmer than then Casper Mattress and Una Mattresses. Softer than the Leesa Luxury Hybrid and softer still than the Emma Original and Otty Hybrid mattress.

Firmness 7.3/10


It is just an inherent property of memory foam that it will have some heat build up. Some companies try and use gel to lessen the affect or try and make the foam with larger than normal cells. However they all still have heat issues if you are sensitive to this issue. In the case of Ergoflex they have castellated foam beneath to increase air flow and help with the escape of trapped heat. There is only so much anyone can do though because good quality memory foam has to absorb heat to work. Memory foam therefore is not the best option if you are sensitive to sleeping hot.

Cooling 6.5/10

Spot Relief (point elasticity):

Point elasticity is the ability of a foam to respond to pressure and only give at the point the pressure is applied. Memory foam excels at this making it highly molding and contouring. This ability to contour just around the body parts pressing into the mattress combined with its lack of push-back makes it great for painful areas. As expected Ergoflex does really well in this area with about the same point elasticity as Eve and just behind Nectar, Emma original and Bruno. Better than Casper, Leesa, Simba and Leesa Hybrid.

Spot Relief 8/10

Mattress for Sex/Bounce:

The Ergoflex mattress has almost no bounce. If you bounce a ball or fall onto its surface almost all the energy is absorbed into the memory foam as a good memory foam would. This means in terms of the best mattress for sex if bounce is part of the equation Ergoflex is not great in this area. All other mattresses I have tested have less bounce. The Leesa Hybrid, Otty and Casper mattresses remain my top rated as a mattress for sex.

Sex 6/10

Weight Capacity:

The maximum recommended weight per person is 18 stones (114 kg or 252 lbs) or 30 stones for combined weight (190 kg or 420 lbs).

Motion Transfer:

This is where the Ergoflex 5G mattress really excels. Being a true memory foam mattress means you get all of those motion transfer qualities you see people rave about on the Tempur mattresses. This is the best mattress I have tested for motion transfer. Even on my heaviest weight test there is virtually no motion transferred elsewhere across the mattress. If you feel your partner turn constantly in the bed and this is a problem for you then Ergoflex will be an excellent option. Better than other memory foam mattresses such as Nectar and of course better than the other non memory foam mattresses too.

Motion Transfer: 9.5/10

Type of sleepers this mattress suits:

This can only ever be a very general guide based on average weight and size. The fact is back sleeping is quite tolerant of firmness level while side sleeping requires a softer feel and stomach sleeping requires a firmer feel. Ergoflex is quite a middle ground mattress in feel but how it will feel to YOU will depend on what you are used to and your personal preference. I would class this as a medium firm mattress.

Score: Back, 8/10, Side 7.5/10, Front 7.5/10.


I can only go by advertised retail price here. However it is rare to pay full retail price for a mattress these days. Ergoflex like many other online companies have seemingly permanent special offers. Very good offers at that with currently £200 of a full size mattress. This is a great offer which means although the advertised prices are at the high end of these online bed in a box companies the actual price you normally pay is at the bottom/low end.

Average price: £671


When it comes to a memory foam mattress density is important. On this basis alone I would have to score Ergoflex highly, it genuinely does deliver a lower price option to the Tempur range. It uses a significant depth of high density memory foam and this is rare for a bed in a box online offering. On top of this the foam is CertiPur certified for low VOCs and no harmful chemicals and also Oeko-Tex certified for the same criteria covering the whole mattress. The cover is is removable and washable another big plus which is not as common as you would hope it would be amongst the online mattresses. Tencel for the cover is great albeit a 41%/59% Tencel/Polyester blend. Additionally I noticed no localised softening in my 4 weeks of breaking in.

Materials and Design 8.5/10


There was a noticeable odour on first unwrapping the Ergoflex mattress. This diminished over the weeks I have slept on it and at the time of the review there is just a small odour if you smell very close up to the mattress itself rather than it filling the room.

Odour 7/10


All mattresses soften up. The rate at which they soften up is the differentiating factor. Eergoflex 5G had no measurable softening in the 3 weeks I slept on it. A great result.

Rated excellent for limited early softening

Alternative good mattress for softening: Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress


I do not score this criteria because it is 100% subjective and does not reflect any real qualities of the mattress. Of course the mattress you choose needs to be comfortable to you but it also must not result in aches and pains after 8 hours of sleep through sleeping out of alignment. Someone describing a mattress as comfortable with a suggestion that it would then be comfortable for most people is very misleading. Comfort is very much a learnt thing often based on what you have been used to rather than what is good for you. For me I would say I found Ergoflex comfortable and supportive as a side and back sleeper and is at the top end of firmness that I could still happily sleep on. When I tried it with a decent quality memory foam topper I found it was a good match and I slept happier with the extra layer of softer comfort foam.


There is no specific zoning in terms of making areas softer than others. Zoning is a not a make or break design element and if done badly can make things worse. The normal method of cutting channels out of the base layer also leaves it weakened.


Itemout of 10
Edge Support8.5/10
Firmness7.3/10 (medium firm)
Spot Relief8/10
Motion Transfer9.5/10
Back Sleepers8/10
Side Sleepers7.5/10
Stomach Sleepers7.5/10
Priceav: £671


EU Single
EU Double£659
EU King£759
Super King£829

General Mattress Notes:

Ergoflex Mattress Overview:

Ergoflex is first and foremost a high density memory foam mattress. You will need to know what memory foam is like to live with to understand if Ergoflex is right for you. Just as with the Nectar mattress. Memory foam sleeps hotter than other foams and the firmness can change depending on room temperature and bedding being used. However memory foam also offers the smallest amount of motion transfer compared to other foams and the least push-back or springiness. This means less pressure on painful parts of the body and hospitals use memory foam to reduce bed sores. The Ergoflex 5G memory foam mattress offers true high density foam which translates into longer life and greater durability in the real world. How dense it is I cannot tell you because Eegoflex no longer advertise this information. However I do know that weighing the mattress shows me it has a very high overall density (including base layer) and I can make a confident guess the memory foam is of a higher density than others I have currently reviewed. The big takeaway for me was experiencing no localised softening in my 4 weeks of break-in, an excellent result. Their faq’s sate that the delivery is to your front door only but mine was delivered to my second floor without issue. While they offer a fee next day service you will pay extra if you want a delivery on a Saturday. It is also worth noting the warranty is for 10 years but the cover is only for 2 years. Ergoflex is a tried and tested mattress (albeit an evolving one) having been around in the UK since 2007, much longer than many rivals in the online bed-in-a-box mattress world. With Ergoflex you get a 30 night trial period, this is a little behind many competitors online who offer 100 nights or even 365 nights as is the case with the Nectar mattress. Something that mustn’t be under estimated is the dual certification of both CertiPur and Oeko-Tex certification for Ergoflex. Remember the likes of Tempurpedic do not offer any certification for the chemicals used in the mattress while many others that do offer only CertiPur. This refers only to the polyurethane elements of the mattress though while Oeko-Tex goes further and applies to all materials used including the cover and metals. All in all Ergoflex offers a real middle ground firmness level (just firmer side of medium) and also makes a decent base for the use of a topper thanks to its high overall density. I did end up using mine with a high quality memory foam topper and found it worked well. Using lower density below a high density topper means you are likely to get some dip as the mattress itself softens locally quite quickly. A Tencel cover is a nice touch, preferable to a polyester cover, but it should be noted this is actually a Tencel/Polyester blend. The thinness of the cover is negated to some extent by the use of a mattress protective stocking below it.


As always needs to be pointed out with these mattresses, they have an incorporated base layer making it easy to place anywhere and on any surface other than a slated base where the slats are too wide apart and allow the foam to sink through. It also means you can only rotate but not turn the mattress. Rotate daily if you can for the first 30 days at least to help even out break in.


2007 original specification: 9cm deep High Density 3rd generation 85kg/m3 visco-elastic memory foam. 4cm deep Ergo Flex™ smart cool-sleep airflow system. 9cm deep High density supportive base foam layer. 2010: The middle layer was reduced to 3cm. 2017: went from being called third generation memory foam to 5g (fifth generation). 2018: went to 5cm for the middle middle layer. 2019: Stopped calling the memory foam True HD 85kg/m3 Proprietary Foam.

Ergoflex Warranty

Very much a standard 10 year warranty but you should be aware it requires you to register your mattress with Ergoflex within 30 days of receipt. Warranty includes any deterioration of the main memory foam layers, with an indentation of more than one inch (2.5 cm) not associated with a sag in the foundation, box spring, platform or cool sleep airflow layer. Also note the warranty for the cover is limited to 2 years.
Versus other memory foam mattresses.
The closest obvious rivals to Ergoflex are the Nectar and Hugge memory foam mattresses. They both use a good depth of memory foam and the memory foam is the top layer. I quickly go over some of the main differences:

Ergoflex vs Dreamcloud

Both have a similar firmness level and bounce. The Ergoflex has much better motion transfer properties and is also better for edge support. Both have memory foam but Ergoflex 5G has 9 cm of high density memory foam while Dreamcloud has 4 cm of lower density memory foam. Dreamcloud adds phase change materials to it’s cover to aid cooling. Ergoflex has a tencel cover. Dreamcloud has edge to edge full size pocket springs for deep down support while Ergoflex is all foam. Dreamcloud a little more bounce.

Ergoflex vs Emma Original

Emma has 3 cm of Airgocell (polyfoam) and 2 cm of memory foam below that as comfort layers. Ergoflex 5G has 14 cm of memory foam on top as comfort layers. Emma is a little firmer than Ergoflex while both are good for edge support. Emma Original has much more bounce while Ergoflex is better for reducing motion transfer.

Ergoflex vs Hugge

Ergoflex uses 14 cm of high density memory foam while Hugge uses 7 cm. Hugge has a noticeably softer feel. Both have good edge support with Ergoflex being a little better. Ergoflex is a little better for point elasticity. Both have little bounce though Ergoflex has a tad more bounce than Hugge. Both are excellent for having little feel of motion though Ergoflex is a tad better for this.

Ergoflex vs Nectar

After 4 weeks of break-in Ergoflex had a noticeably firmer feel than the Nectar mattress although this was due to Nectar softening up more over that time than Ergoflex. They started off quite similar. Ergoflex has a higher overall average density and weighs more which means more actual foam. Both are proper memory foam mattresses with 9 cm of memory foam on top. Nectar however uses two different types to give a more tailored feel. Ergoflex offers higher density memory foam but Nectar has a 365 night trial compared to the 30 days of Ergoflex. Both are CertiPur certified but Ergoflex is also Oeko-Tex certified. Ergoflex mattress has been around since 2006, Nectar since 2018.

Ergoflex vs Simba Hybrid Pro

The Simba Hybrid Pro is about the same firmness as the Ergoflex 5g. However they feel very different, Ergoflex has high density memory foam with a sinking in feeling while Simba Pro has a springy feel with little sinking in. Ergoflex is one of the best mattresses for motion transfer (not feeling partner move). Simba will likely sleep cooler as Ergoflex is memory foam on top while Simba has wool and Simbatex on top.

Ergoflex 5G vs Simba Luxe Hybrid Pro

Both have a similar firmness level. The Ergoflex has much better motion transfer while Simba KLuxe has much more bounce. Ergoflex 5G has 9 cm of high density memory foam while Simba Luxe has no memory foam but does have graphite for cooling in its top polyurethane foam layer. Dreamcloud adds phase change materials to it’s cover to aid cooling. Simba Luxe has up to 6000 micro and mini pocket springs while Ergoflex is an all foam mattress. Simba is CertiPur certified but Ergoflex goes further and is Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

Ergoflex vs Tweak Hybrid

Ergoflex has a middle ground firmness while Tweak ranges from soft to firm. The Tweak Mattress is much bouncier than Ergoflex but Ergoflex has much better motion transfer. Ergoflex is also better for edge support. However Ergoflex is a memory foam mattress which means Tweak will sleep cooler.

Ergoflex vs Una

Una is all natural latex while Ergoflex is a high quality memory foam mattress. Ergoflex has a similar firmness to Una when the soft Una layer is in the middle. Una is much softer when the soft Una layer is on top. Ergoflex is a little better for edge support, Una is better for a cool sleep and has more bounce.