About me!

Hello, my name is Alan Ross.

I started the website after being surprised at the amount of interest and views I was getting on my unboxing and review videos on my personal youtube channel. I actually became interested in how a mattress is made and put together and how there is need to cut through some of the marketing speak to get a real understanding of a mattress. I started using online mattress companies due to the amazing 100 night trails they do and getting a real chance to try a mattress. I had used a cheap Ikea mattress for many years without appreciating how detrimental the wrong mattress can be to your body and lower back. When I finally had a huge dip in the middle I realised I needed to get a new mattress.  I tried Ikea again but their one return policy on mattresses was too restrictive. Thus began my search for the best online mattress. So far my favourite has been the Casper but I continue my search finding the ONE! I will also add that while my favourite has been Casper I have started to use a memory foam topper when I am not trying out a new mattress because I found I need a firm base but a decent amount comfort layer too. Casper has been my go to but a shout out to Otty too as the cheapest of the ones I have tried and also one that adds lots of bounce under a topper. All the firm ones work well with a topper for me while all having a different feel. Eve also goes nicely and would be a good base if you want a high average density mattress with full Certipur certification. Otty is certiupur certified too by the way.
I began by just put unboxing and review videos on my personal youtube channel but people asked me if i could write a detailed review along with them. Thus I started this website which I hope will grow with many more reviews and lots of information. It will be an evolving project so please check back time to time to monitor my progress.

Casper vs Leesa