The OTTY PURE Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress

Disclaimer: This is my personal honest review of my Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress. The mattress was supplied to me for free. Otty have no input into my review or videos and all opinions expressed are my personal honest opinions. They have allowed me an affiliate link which means if you buy via my link I get small commission and you pay no extra. So win win 🙂

The Company – Otty Sleep Ltd

The company behind the Otty mattress is called Otty Sleep Ltd who were formed in July 2016 and are based in Leeds in the UK. The sole founder was Michal Szlas. His story as told on the Otty website is very similar to that told on other online websites. The founders not being able to find the right mattress at the right price and so deciding to start a company and design and sell their own.

The Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress Headlines:

The U.K.’s First Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress With Charcoal, Bamboo cover with memory foam, Bamboo and Charcoal memory foam, hybrid mattress, airflow side system, 2000 pocket springs, 100 nights trial, 10 year warranty!


The Otty Pure hybrid memory foam mattress can only be bought online.

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The Otty Pure Hybrid Bamboo Mattress – Overview

Otty offers the benefits of both full size pocket springs which move individually unlike open coil and memory foam for good molding properties. The foams used are all CertiPur certfied. The original Otty hybrid used 14cm pocket springs while the latest gen Otty mattresses use 16cm pocket springs. The extra 2cm can offer a slightly softer feel if all else was equal but it also means less comfort layers above if as is the case with the original the overall height remains the same. With the Otty Pure we do get an extra comfort layer as the cover itself contains 2cm of memory foam. This is extra comfort layer that you do not get on the original. Otty has always been geared to maximising airflow and cooling to alleviate some of the heat retaining properties of memory foam. They have pincore holes in the top of the memory foam layer (something normally only seen with natural latex) and holes around the sides and through the boxing edges for the pocket springs which aids airflow. Now with added bamboo and charcoal embedded into the memory foam Otty goes further in improving heat regulation. Otty has always been price focussed and continues to be one of the cheaper online options when compared like for like. It should be noted Otty Pure is manufactured in China.
Otty Pure Mattress
Otty Pure Mattress

Otty Pure Bamboo and Charcoal Mattress Layers:

It should be noted that all the polyurethane foams contained within the Otty mattress are CertiPUR and Europur certified. CertiPur lays down strict criteria on what can be used within the foam and the levels of those chemicals. This helps minimise VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Otty Pure Cover:

Top Polyester, sides 54% Polypropylene 46% Polyester, 2 cm memory foam

As is so often the case the cover is a white top with dark grey sides but adds some colour with two blue stripes around the top edge. The edges have a light grey section running all the way round which is meshed and will allow for some increased airflow. Unfortunately there are no handles and the cover is removed by a zip which is right under the bottom of the mattress. However it is not machine washable and must be spot cleaned or wiped with a damp cloth. The cover is decent quality at 500gsm.

One big deal about this cover over the Otty Original is that it contains its own layer of memory foam, 2 cm of memory foam making it essentially the top comfort layer. This helps make it feel softer than the original. The other big deal is that it is made with Bamboo fibre. When bamboo is part of a fabric it means the bamboo has been dissolved and made into a useable fibre which has then been woven into the fabric. Bamboo fibre is both soft and flexible while also being naturally strong. Bamboo is also said to be hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. However there is some controversy over it’s antimicrobial properties which is partly related to how much bamboo kun remains after the process of making into a usable fibre. Another reason for its use in in bedding is that Bamboo fibre has been shown to reduce heat retention and thus provide a cooler sleeping surface. Bamboo is actually temperature regulating helping to keep you cool on warmer nights and warmer on cool nights. Bamboo fibre is highly wicking and breathable material, absorbing your moisture and then allowing it to evaporate. Essentially a semi-man made fiber often also called rayon from bamboo.

Top Layer:

2 cm (0.8 inches) memory foam

Memory foam is a slow responding material made from polyurethane foam but with additives that give it a unique feel. Unlike normal polyurethane foam or latex foam memory foam has little to no push-back. Unlike polyfoam that compresses under you memory foam dissipates around you which give it its great molding and body hugging properties. As memory foam works by absorbing your body heat some people find memory foam sleeps too hot.

The otty memory foam comfort layer has two features to help reduce heat issues. The use of bamboo and charcoal in the memory foam helps with temperature regulation. Charcoal is a lightweight black carbon residue produced by strong heat and most often derived from wood but not always. Indeed most often Bamboo is the original source for the charcoal when a memory foam is infused with bamboo charcoal. However Otty insist this is not the case with the Otty Pure Hybrid and that the bamboo and charcoal infused within the memory foam are seperate constituents. The properties of bamboo have been laid out in the above section on the cover. Charcoal has the benefits of being able to absorb some of the chemicals and VOCs from the foam along with any odours. It’s is also said to help with heat regulation. The memory foam also features holes across its surface known as pincore holes. This will aid with airflow from through the mattress and help again with any heat issues from the memory foam itself.

Second Layer:

2 cm (0.8 inches) polyurethane foam

Effectively the third comfort layer. This polyfoam layer will help add some responsiveness to the memory foam layer above being more springy than memory foam. This layer also provides additional comfort before your hit the body supporting pocket springs below.

Otty Pure Mattress Layers
Otty Pure Mattress Layers

Third Layer:

16 cm (6.3 inches) pocket springs, 2000 count

Up to 2000 pocket springs which means in a king size. Other sizes will have proportionally more or proportionally less.

The original Otty hybrid had 14 cm pocket springs while the latest generation has 16cm pocket springs. Potentially this could mean more contouring deep down. Also if all parameters are kept the same as in gauge, spring rate etc then taller pocket springs will feel a little softer. Pocket springs have an advantage over foam in they have a lot of side to side movement as well up and down movement. This however means they often not great on the edges because they can have a roll off effect. For this reason unless the pocket springs are actually designed to be used along the edges foam is used to add edge support. This is known as boxing in or encapsulated pocket springs. Otty has 15 cm of boxing in around the ends and sides of the mattress. The foam around the edges has holes through it to provide increased air circulation.

Pocket springs differ from open coil in that they are all individual pocket springs and not one long coil as in older open coil mattresses.

Otty Pure Pocket Springs
Otty Pure Pocket Springs

Fourth Layer:

3 cm (1.2 inches) Polyurethane foam

A base layer of foam to provide a stable base for the pocket springs above.

Otty Hybrid Mattress Overall:

Total height 28 cm (11 inches)
Average density: 44 kg/m3

Otty Pure Memory Foam Holes
Otty Pure Memory Foam Holes

Otty Hybrid Mattress weights:

Based on weighing my own Otty Pure mattress (with cover) the weights would be:
UK single 19 kg
UK double 28.5 kg
UK king 33.5 kg
UK super king 40 kg

Tests and Analysis:

Edge support:

The pocket springs have foam around the sides to increase the edge support. The foam helps with edge support but could have been a bit firmer I think.

Edge Support: Score: 7/10

Good mattresses for edge support: Simba Hybrid Pro, Ergoflex 5G

Firmness (how far it sinks for a given weight):

Certainly softer than the Original Otty I tried back in 2018. Now I would say slightly firmer than medium firm.

Firmness 7.5/10

Alternatives: Firmer Mattress: Emma Original, Medium Mattress: Nectar, Soft Mattress: Emma Hybrid


Otty have really focused on minimising any potential heat issues from having a top memory foam layer. My score for this section at 7.5 for cooling is actually a good score for memory foam and is about as good as it gets for keeping heat at bay. Remember memory foam works by absorbing your body heat so it will always have some potential for heat build up if you are sensitive to that.

cooling 7.5/10

Also good for sleeping cool: Una Organic Mattress, Simba Hybrid Pro

Spot Relief (point elasticity):

I rate this by scoring the amount of foam effected outside the point of pressure and adjusting it by the firmness of the mattress. This is because of the high correlation between firmness and point elasticity. Without doing this a concrete floor would be rated as good for point elasticity when clearly it is not great for sleeping on! Otty Pure is quite good for point molding without excelling.

7.5/10 for spot relief

Good mattress for point elasticity: Ergoflex 5G, Nectar, Tweak Mattress


Otty Pure Hybrid is a bouncy mattress for sure, not quite the bounciest I have ever tried but certainly up there with them.

8/10 for bounce

Bouncy Options: Tweak Mattress, Otty Original Hybrid

Motion Transfer:

This is how much motion or energy travels across the mattress when a partner moves or something is dropped onto the mattress. Almost always this is the flip side of bounce, you can have a lot of bounce or you can have a mattress that absorbs motion transfer but you cant have both. Despite being a bouncy mattress the Otty Pure does well for motion transfer thanks to the memory foam layers on top.

Motion Transfer: 8/10

Good for motion transfer: Ergoflex, Hugge

Mattress for Sex:

I rate a good mattress for sex by its combination of bounce and firmness level. Otty does well thanks to being bouncy but not over firm.

Mattress for sex: 8/10

Other options for a good mattress for sex: Tweak Mattress, Vesgantti Luxe

Weight Capacity:

Otty suggests a weight limit of 22 stone (139 kg) per person.

Type of sleepers this mattress suits:

Just edging past medium firm makes this a good option for both back and tummy sleeping. I found the shoulder firmness slightly firmer than the hip are so I have to mark the Otty Pure down slightly for side sleepers. Remember this is very dependent on your own weight and firmness level preference. Mys cores are just a general guide for the average person.

Score: Back, 8/10, Side 7/10, Front 8/10.


Still price focused though a little more premium than the Otty Original Hybrid.

Average price: £724

Cheap online Mattress: Vesgantti Luxe, Premium mattress: Una Organic Mattress, Good value: Emma Original


You cant knock what Otty brings to the table. 16 cm pocket springs, CertiPur certification, Bamboo cover, Bamboo Charcoal memory foam, holes in the memory foam and around the sides for extra cooling.

8/10 for Materials and Design


All mattresses soften up. The rate at which they soften up is the differentiating factor. Otty Pure had no measurable softening in the 3 weeks I slept on it. A great result.

Rated excellent for limited early softening

Alternative good mattress for softening: Ergoflex 5G


No problems from lingering smells with my Otty Pure Hybrid mattress. Only a hint of a smell with the cover off and sniffing up close. No smells in my bedroom of note.

8/10 for smell

Low smell mattress: Hugge, Una


Totally subjective and one persons comfortable is another persons nightmare. I found the Otty Pure very supportive as you would hope with those 16 cm pocket springs. Slightly firmer than I would prefer I certainly had no heat issues despite sleeping on Otty during some hot summer nights. Not quite enough give on the shoulder area near the side for me where the mattress actually uses foam for the boxing in.


No special zoning on Otty Pure.


Itemout of 10
Edge Support7/10
Firmness7.5/10 (medium firm)
Spot Relief7.5/10
Motion Transfer8/10
Back Sleepers8/10
Side Sleepers7/10
Stomach Sleepers8/10
Priceav: £724


Super King£899

General Mattress Notes:

The Otty Pure hybrid Bamboo and Charcoal mattress combines full height pocket springs with memory foam infused with bamboo charcoal for help with cooling and minimising VOCs. Topped with a cover that itself contains bamboo and memory foam. While the original Otty hybrid did well with good feedback one issue was that it was quite firm. The newer Otty Pure is a little softer while retaining a supportive feel with the molding benefits of memory foam on top. Given its price level Otty maintains its value for money tag. Made in China the polyurethane foams (memory foam) are covered by CertiPur certification for low VOCs. Densities are unknown for the foams. The overall density is inline with the Simba Hybrid Pro, better than the Vesganatti Luxe Hybrid and a little behind the Tweak Hybrid. So very much inline with its price and possibly slightly better than you might have expected. If required and for a small extra fee the Otty delivery team will take away your old mattress. Also available for an extra fee is Sunday delivery and having the mattress unpacked for you in your room of choice. Warranty: Points to note from the 10 years warranty: Is Covered: Deterioration causing the Mattress to have a visible indentation greater than one (1) inch (2.5 cm) that is not associated with an indentation or sag which results from use of an improper or unsupportive foundation or adjustable bed base. Normal wear requires that a Mattress to be continuously supported by a matching foundation or adjustable bed base with a proper bed frame sufficient to support the collective weight of the Mattress and the user(s). Any physical flaw in the Mattress that causes the foam material to split or crack, despite normal usage and proper handling.

Otty Pure Hybrid Hybrid vs Dreamcloud Hybrid

Both have full sized pocket springs. Both have memory foam top layers but Dreamcloud has more total comfort layers. Otty Pure is slightly firmer and bouncier than Dreamcloud. Otty uses bamboo and charcoal to help sleep cool while Dreamcloud uses phase change materials in the top cover. Dreamcloud has edge to edge pocket springs while Otty Pure has foam around the perimeter of the mattress.

Otty Pure vs Emma Hybrid

Both have springs but Emma has micro springs for comfort while Otty Pure has full size springs for deep down support. Otty Pure is slightly bouncier but Emma is slightly better for motion transfer. Emma is a soft mattress while Otty Pure is notably firmer.

Otty Pure vs Emma Original

The Otty Pure is a hybrid mattress while Emma is an all foam mattress. They both have a smilar firm to medium firm feel. Both have a similar amount of bounce and similar motion transfer. Both have memory foam but with Otty this is on top with Emma it’s the second layer down. Otty is 1 cm taller than the Emma Original.

Otty Pure vs Ergoflex 5G

Both have a similar firmness level. The Otty Pure Mattress is much bouncier than Ergoflex but Ergoflex has much better motion transfer. Ergoflex is also better for edge support. Both have memory foam but Ergoflex 5G has 9 cm of high density memory foam while Otty Pure has 4 cm of lower density memory foam. Otty Pure adds bamboo charcoal to it’s memory foam and adds holes to aid cooling. Otty Pure has full size pocket springs while Ergoflex is all foam.

Otty Pure vs Nectar

Both have memory foam but Nectar has 9 cm while Otty Pure has 4 cm. Otty Pure adds bamboo charcoal to it’s memory foam and adds holes to aid cooling. Nectar has better motion transfer and point elasticity but Otty Pure has more bounce. Otty Pure has full size pocket springs while Nectar is an all foam mattress.

Otty Pure vs Otty Original

Both are hybrid mattresses with full size 16 cm pocket springs. Otty Pure adds bamboo charcoal to it’s memory foam and bamboo to it’s cover for better cooling. Otty Pure has a memory foam infused cover which makes it a little softer than the Otty Original. Otty Pure is a little bit more expensive than the Otty original.

Otty Pure Hybrid vs Tweak Hybrid

The Otty has a medium firm feel while the Tweak can be configured for multiple firmness levels. Both have full height pocket springs but Otty has 16 cm springs vs 10 cm springs on The Tweak. The Tweak has slightly better edge support while the Otty Pure is cheaper. Tweak has no memory foam while Otty has a top memory foam layer. They both have similar bounce but Tweak has better point elasticity. Otty Pure is much better for motion transfer.

Otty Pure vs Simba Hybrid Pro

Both are hybrid mattresses but Simba has two layers of micro springs (5 cm total) while Otty Pure has 16 cm full sized pocket springs. Otty Pure is a taf firmer than the Simba Hybrid Pro which features a top wool layer for sleeping cool. Otty has memory foam on top but adds bamboo and charcoal for better cooling. Otty Pure is slightly bouncier and slightly better for motion transfer.

Otty Pure Hybrid vs Simba Luxe Hybrid Pro

Otty has full sized pocket springs while Simba has a triple layer of mini pocket springs. Otty Pure has memory foam on top while Simba has a top bamboo and wool layer. Both are medium firm feel mattresses. Both are CertiPur certified. Simba Luxe has better edge support and similar bounce. Otty has better motion transfer.