The Tweak Hybrid Mattress – UK Version

Disclaimer: This is my personal honest review of my Tweak Hybrid Mattress. The mattress was supplied to me for free. Tweak Slumber/Sleep Hubs have no input into my review or videos and all opinions expresses are my personal honest opinions. They have allowed me an affiliate link which means if you buy via my link I get small commission and you pay no extra.

The Company – Sleep Hubs Ltd

Sold via the website The company is Sleep Hubs Ltd and the Tweak Mattress (originally Nrem) has been around since February 2014 having evolved since then. The idea of swappabvle inserts has always been the focus of the mattress. The company was founded by Charlie Oulton.

The Tweak Hybrid Mattress Headlines:

Worlds first customisable mattress, 5 swappable inserts per side, hybrid mattress, 1000 pocket springs, white glove delivery service, 100 nights trial, 10 year warranty!


The Tweak hybrid foam mattress can only be bought online.

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The Tweak Hybrid Pro Mattress – Overview

Something unique in the world of the online mattress. The main selling point and the reason for the name Tweak is the ability to change the second layer down to a firmness that suits but also change that layer in sections. Not just that but you can configure the two sides of a mattress being than a single totally different. This is more than zoning, the change in feel goes from soft to firm and so for many this is a game changer. So often couples with very different weights and different firmness level preferences struggle to find a mattress that suits them both. The tweak gives them the opportunity to totally reconfigure their side of the mattress. All this on a bed of very bouncy pocket springs from the worlds biggest producer of pocket springs, Leggett and Platt. Branded as the World’s First Customisable Mattress. While I am not sure how they define this criteria it is certainly truly customisable. 100 nights to try the Tweak Mattress and a 10 year warranty is offered. A white glove delivery service is offered as standard where two men will unpack the mattress for you in your room of choice and then take away all the packing materials with them.

Tweak Hybrid Mattress

Tweak Hybrid Foam Mattress Layers:

Tweak Mattress Cover:

Top and sides Polyester

As is so often the case the cover is a white top with grey sides but adds some colour with two blue stripes around the top edge. The zip for the cover is well placed at the top making removal of the top washable cover very easy. The zip is a pair, one for each side. Having an easily removed top cover is brilliant especially as it can be machine washed at 30 degrees. Beware though the label states this can affect its fire retardant properties. Also great is the handles on the sides, not just the sides but at each end to which will make rotating the Tweak mattress so much easier.

Top Layer:

4 cm (1.6 inches) 50 kg/m3 Polyurethane foam

Often called reflex foam this is the top polyurethane foam comfort layer. At 50 kg/m3 this is a reasonable density and I have certainly reviewed mattresses with lower densities for the top layer. This is a high density polyfoam layer and so is far more springy and responsive than a memory foam top layer mattress would be.

Second Layer:

7 cm (2.8 inches) polyurethane foam

The big deal layer! Customise this layer by placing 3 different firmness layers in in 5 different sections and do this independently for both sides. Each side by default has 5 inserts consisting of two super soft, two medium and two firm. The difference each makes to the firmness level is significant, much more off a difference than simple zoning would make. If you feel you cant quite get the balance right you will be entitled two additional two free inserts by contacting Tweak directly. You can also purchase inserts directly from the website. This means you have the opportunity to configure a double/king differently one each side, one side could be firm and the other soft. Not just a novelty but something that works in the real world to customise the feel of your mattress.

Tweak Mattress Inserts
Tweak Mattress Inserts

Third Layer:

3.5 cm (1.4 inches) polyurethane foam

This layer sits above the pocket springs and provides an interlocking surface for the inserts above while also protecting the pocket springs below. This also acts as a transitional layer between the pocket springs and the layers above.

Fourth Layer:

10 cm (4 inches) 1000 pocket springs.

Spring counts are based on a King size so in a single or double you will have less springs. All things being equal more springs would equate to a firmer feel while less springs would equate to a softer feel. This is because the less springs to take your weight the more the springs will compress which gives a softer feel. The springs in the Tweak mattress certainly help to give this mattress a very spring and bouncy feel. Pocket springs have more effect the heavier you are since that means you are making more contact with the deeper layers. These would be classed as full size pocket springs although you can certainly get larger sized pocket springs. The pocket springs are made by Leggett and Platt who are the biggest manufacturer of pocket springs in the world.

The pocket springs are boxed in or encapsulated. This is done to increase the edge support since due to the bendy nature of pocket springs they tend to create a roll off effect on the edge.

Tweak Pocket Springs
Tweak Pocket Springs

Fifth Layer:

10 cm (4 inches) Pocket Springs

A transition layer between the softer layers above and the firmer base layer below. Simba call this reflex foam which is exactly what high density polyurethane foam is.

Sixth Layer:

3 cm (1.2 inches) Polyurethane foam

Provides a supportive base for the pocket springs above. Having side to side movement as well as up and down movement means pocket springs benefit from a stabilising base.

Tweak Hybrid Mattress Overall:

Total height 28 cm (11 inches)
Average density: 47 kg/m3

Tweak Mattress Layers

Tweak Hybrid Mattress weights:

Based on weighing my own Tweak mattress (with cover) the weights would be:
UK single 22.5 kg
UK double 34 kg
UK king 40 kg
UK super king 47 kg

Tests and Analysis:

Edge support:

The pocket springs have foam around the sides to increase the edge support. The actual level of edge support will change according to what firmness of insert you use at the point of the pressure. I give an average score having test each of the 3 difference firmness levels. The edge support overall is about average, not great but not the worst I have tested.

Edge Support: Score: 7.5/10

Good mattresses for edge support: Emma Original, Ergoflex 5G, Otty Hybrid

Firmness (how far it sinks for a given weight):

Which inserts you end up using will have a big impact on the overall firmness level. The Tweak Hybrid Mattress can be configured from a soft feel to a firm feel.

Super Soft 5/10, Medium 7/10, Firm 8/10

Alternatives: Firm Mattress: Otty Hybrid, Medium Mattress: Nectar, Soft Mattress: Emma Hybrid


Polyurethane foam as opposed to a memory foam will sleep cooler. It isn’t the coolest of materials but is certainly better than the heat hugging effect of a memory foam. The pocket springs can also help to increase airflow to the layers above. A firm configuration will also help sleep cooler than a soft configuration where you sink into the mattress more.

cooling 7.5/10

Also good for sleeping cool: Una Organic Mattress, Simba Hybrid Pro

Spot Relief (point elasticity):

I rate this by scoring the amount of foam effected outside the point of pressure and adjusting it by the firmness of the mattress. This is because of the high correlation between firmness and point elasticity. Without doing this a concrete floor would be rated as good for point elasticity when clearly it is not great for sleeping on! Taking an average from the different inserts I rate the Tweak Hybrid Mattress as decent for point elasticity.

7.5/10 for spot relief

Good mattress for point elasticity: Ergoflex 5G, Nectar


As you would expect for a sprung mattress the Tweak Mattress is very bouncy, not the bounciest I have tried but not far behind.

8/10 for bounce

Bouncy Options: Vesgantti Luxe Hybrid,  Otty Hybrid

Motion Transfer:

This is how much motion or energy travels across the mattress when a partner moves or something is dropped onto the mattress. Almost always this is the flip side of bounce, you can have a lot of bounce or you can have a mattress that absorbs motion transfer but you cant have both. Being quite bouncy means the Tweak mattress doesn’t do so well for motion transfer.

Motion Transfer: 6/10

Good for motion transfer: Ergoflex, Hugge

Mattress for Sex:

I rate a good mattress for sex by its combination of bounce and firmness level. Bounce for feedback but without being overly soft or firm. A lot will depend on how you end up configuring your mattress but in a medium configuration I rate the Tweak mattress as a good mattress for sex. A decent balance between bounce and firmness levels.

Mattress for sex: 8/10

Other options for a good mattress for sex: Emma Original, Vesgantti Luxe

Weight Capacity:

If your weight is in excess of 16 stone, or you spend longer than average in bed, you can still purchase a Tweak mattress however please note that you may see increased wear over a shorter time period which would not be covered under the warranty. The foam components inside the mattress can however be replaced at a small cost should this happen

Type of sleepers this mattress suits:

Since you can adjust the firmness level to quite a degree the range of people this mattress will suit is potentially quite large. The springs however will always give a degree of push-back which might not suit all side sleepers.

Score: Back, 8/10, Side 7.5/10, Front 8/10.


The Tweak Mattress is a niche online mattress and as such its retail price reflects this.

Average price: £895

Cheap online Mattress: Vesgantti Luxe, Premium mattress: Una Organic Mattress


The ability to change the zoning on the Tweak Mattress is a great and unique design element. Also I like the handles on sides and ends of the mattress.

8/10 for Materials and Design

Good mattress for materials used: Una Organic Natural Latex Mattress, Ergoflex 5G high density memory foam mattress


A low smelling mattress. Only a sniff right up to the mattress with the cover off meant I could smell anything.

8.5/10 for smell

Low smell mattress: Hugge, Una


Totally subjective and one persons comfortable is another persons nightmare. I found the Tweak mattress fine to sleep on, there is an amount of push-back thanks to the pocket springs which also makes it very responsive. I used a configuration of soft and soft at my head and shoulders, medium medium at hips and knees and firm at the far end. On my side it was fine and my hips had decent support. I would describe the overall feel in this configuration as being on the soft side of medium.


This is adjusted via the second layer down with the interchangeable inserts.


Itemout of 10
Edge Support7.5/10
Firmness7/10 (average)
Spot Relief7.5/10
Motion Transfer6/10
Back Sleepers8/10
Side Sleepers7.5/10
Stomach Sleepers8/10
Priceav: £895


Super King£1095

General Mattress Notes:

Tweak Mattress Branding
Tweak Mattress Branding
Truly something different. You do indeed get the opportunity to fine tune your mattress from a soft feel to a firmish feel. Not just the overall feel but in 5 different sections making the zoning a strong point of the Tweak mattress. A two man white glove delivery service is also notable. Being able to machine wash the cover and having it unzip from the top is a nice touch. Handles all around makes the all important rotating far easier to manage. You can buy extra inserts anytime via the sleephubs website as well as having a chance of two free inserts when you first buy the Tweak Hybrid Mattress and within the 100 nights trial period. A bouncy mattress in all configurations thanks to the pocket springs. Warranty: Points to note from the 10 years warranty: Is Covered: Visible dipping or sagging of the mattress greater than 3cm that has not resulted due to normal body impressions or improper use as per our care instructions below. Not Covered: 1. Normal ageing, or wear and tear of the mattress. 2. Changes in the hardness of any of the mattress components including the foam inserts. 3. Natural settlement of the fillings resulting in visible body impressions on the mattress As always rotating the mattress to keep wear even is very important, especially in the first 30 days.

Tweak Hybrid vs Dreamcloud Hybrid

The Dreamcloud has a medium firm feel while the Tweak can be configured for multiple firmness levels. Both have full height pocket springs but Dreamcloud has 15 cm springs vs 10 cm springs on The Tweak. Tweak has no memory foam while Dreamcloud has a top memory foam layer. Tweak has more bounce and has better point elasticity. Dreamcloud has edge to edge pocket springs for more consistent feel and is CertiPur certified for low VOCs.

Tweak Mattress vs Emma Hybrid

Both have springs but Emma has micro springs for comfort but Tweak has full size springs for support. Tweak is bouncier but Emma is better for motion transfer. Emma is a soft mattress while Tweak has a range of firmness levels. Emma contains memory foam while there is no memory foam in the Tweak Mattress

Tweak Mattress vs Emma Original

The Tweak is a hybrid mattress while Emma is an all foam mattress. Emma is on the firm side while Tweak can be firm or soft. Both have a similar amount of bounce while Emma has the advantage for motion transfer. Emma has memory foam in it’s second layer while Tweak has no memory foam.

Tweak Mattress vs Ergoflex 5G

Ergoflex has a middle ground firmness while Tweak ranges from soft to firm. The Tweak Mattress is much bouncier than Ergoflex but Ergoflex has much better motion transfer. Ergoflex is also better for edge support. However Ergoflex is a memory foam mattress which means Tweak will sleep cooler.

Tweak Mattress vs Nectar

Nectar is a memory foam mattress so will sleep hotter than Tweak. Nectar has better motion transfer and point elasticity but Tweak has more bounce. Tweak is a hybrid with pocket springs while there are no springs in the Nectar mattress.

Tweak Mattress vs Otty Hybrid Original

Both are hybrid mattresses with full size pocket springs. Otty has better edge support but is also firmer than Tweak even in it’s firmest configuration. They have similar bounce but Otty has better motion transfer due to memory foam on top which also means it may sleep hotter.

Tweak Mattress vs Simba Hybrid Pro

Both are hybrid mattresses but Simba has two layers of micro springs while Tweak has full sized pocket springs. Simba is a medium firm mattress while Tweak can have a range of firmness levels. Simba has a top wool layer which means it may sleep cooler. Tweak has more bounce while Simba is better for motion transfer

Tweak Hybrid vs Simba Luxe Hybrid Pro

The Simba Luxe has a medium firm feel while the Tweak can be configured for multiple firmness levels. Tweak Mattress has full height pocket springs while Simba Luxe has up to 6000 mini pocket springs over 3 layers. Simba has a little more bounce while they both have similar motion transfer. Simba is CertiPur certified for low VOCs. Tweak has better point elasticity.