Bruno Latex Mattress Review

Disclaimer: This is my personal honest review of my Eve Mattress. Please note that the links back to the Bruno website are affiliate links. This means I get a commission if you buy via my link and you pay no extra than normal. This is no way affects my objectivity. Just making this clear! Bruno sent me this mattress for free. However it in no way has affected my opinion and views expressed and there was no requirement from Bruno to have any input in the review in any way at all.

Still Trading?

I am unsure at this time if Bruno are still trading. There are reviews mentioning the company is no longer contactable. Please check you can contact the company before buying

The Company

The company behind the Bruno mattress are a German company based in Berlin called Bruno Interior GmbH. Essentially a German mattress the company began in 2014, the year of the online mattress explosion, and came to the UK in 2016. The co-founders were Felix Baer and Andreas Bauer.

The Headlines:

Hand assembled in Germany. 101 night trial. 10 year warranty. Free returns. Natural latex top layer. Latex sourced from sustainable plantations using fair trade methods. Packet of Bruno the bear chocolates with each mattress.

Regional Differences

Bruno sell in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France and the UK and the mattress is essentially the same in each country. In the UK the base layer uses slightly different foam in order to comply with the more stringent fire regulations.
Bruno Mattress
The Bruno Mattress - Euro Single

Bruno Mattress: Thoughts

How it all works:

The online bed in in a box model is well defined these days. You order Bruno, a few days later arrives a large cardboard box containing your rolled, compressed and vacuum packed Bruno mattress. Once you take it out of the box, cut the wrapping and allow it to expand for a few hours you are ready to sleep on your bruno. Normally I would advise allowing your mattress to air for 48 hours to allow for chemicals to leech before sleeping on it but while still good practice it is less of a necessity for a certified low VOC mattress such as the Bruno with its natural latex top layer. In the box you will find a welcome pack that includes a leaflet with instructions on unwrapping and unpacking the Bruno mattress. The instructions state to allow 2 hours for the mattress to expand before sleeping on it. One nice touch with Bruno is the included chocolates, mini chocolate bears from Berlin, the home of the Bruno company.
If you are a German customer you get access to the whole Bruno Sleep system. It includes a box spring base, pillows, sheets and even a 6cm topper. This makes such a difference to the feel of a mattress in terms of base and adding a topper that it is a shame in the UK we don’t get those options.

Bruno Logo

Try Before You Buy:

With Bruno Sleep you get one more day than most companies to try and then send your mattress back for free, 101 nights as oppose the 100 night norm.

The Mattress

The Bruno mattress is definitely being pushed as a quality product and its hard to argue with that on paper. Hand assembly rather than machine assembly is notable as is the message that you are getting German quality, something Germany is certainly associated with for many high end products. Natural latex for the top layer is a premium material. While many companies push their polyfoam as a premium material there is no doubt a good latex trumps a good polyfoam. The overall average density at 51 kg/m3 makes it one of the highest average densities of any mattress I have tried. This translates into longevity and a longer time maintaining the characteristics it had the day you first started sleeping on it.
The main body of the Bruno is indeed polyfoam but higher quality than many contemporaries. Available in both UK and EU sizes.

The Layers:

The Bruno mattress is a departure from the usual 3 layer configuration from most online offerings. Here we have just two layers. The base layers also takes on the role of the support and transition layer.


This is a 1cm hand washable quilted cover made from polyester fleece. Being a fleece blend is notable as being a soft, fuzzy fabric warm wool like qualities. The top portion is white with the surround and underside being dark grey in colour. The great thing about the cover is that Bruno have bothered to add handles to the bottom making moving this mattress so much easier than being forced to grab portions of the foam to move it around. Grabbing foam in this way inevitably leads to conks coming away under the pressure of your grip. Also a great idea is to be able to easily unzip the top portion only and remove it totally from the surround part of the cover. Makes removal for washing much easier. Personally I am not a fan of this common grey/white combination and find it rather bland and too much like all the other kids on the block. Bruno told me they came up with the colour scheme as a result of market research. The depth of the cover at 1cm is unusually included in the full height measurement of the mattress. More often the height quoted is the actual foam layers but note the Bruno quoted height of 24 cm includes the 1cm of top cover. This may be due to the quilted design having a significant impact of the feel of the mattress, adding some ‘squishiness’ to the feel. On a personal level I am not a huge fan of the feel of the cover. It is quite different from the stretchy feel of a lot of mattress covers. White it is still stretchy it feels quite different to most covers with a rougher quality to the material. While I experienced no heat issues on the Bruno I wonder if a quilted design may have some impact on the cool nature of the top latex layer.
removable top cover on Bruno
Removable top cover

Top Layer:

Density: 3cm (1.2 inches) 70 kg/m3 (4.4 pcf) The top layer on Bruno is the main selling point. This is 100% natural latex and is of the Dunlop type. It carries the following certifications: Euro Latex ECO standard This standard stipulates the maximum acceptable limits for harmful substances. This takes in: Heavy metals Nitrosamines Pesticides Solvents Volatile organic components GOLS – Global Organic Latex Standard This means the latex contains a minimum 95% certified organic raw material of the total weight. LGA (Sustainable Quality Assurance) This is an independent German testing company, they test mattress for a number of quality points including longevity and harmful substances. Bruno is 100% natural latex however 100% natural latex doesn’t mean 100% in the true sense. It usually means about 90-95% natural latex with 5-10% fillers and additives (often with SBR, styrene butadiene) used when pouring into the mold. Bruno state their mattress is the highest pure latex they could get with the addition of graphite to comply with UK fire laws. This is the best quality latex you can buy in terms of purity. The latex is Dunlop and generally is firmer than a Talalay and therefore Dunlop is often sued a core and Talalay as a comfort layer. However depends on the pour. One thing is certain though, natural latex is springier than synthetic latex and this is very evident in the very springy nature of the top layer and the mattress as a whole. Perhaps the biggest pluses for the use of latex as oppose to polyfoam is cooling and longevity/durability.  Latex (high quality) is a far more durable product than a high quality polyfoam and will hold is properties longer. Latex also has a far less heat retention and thus will sleep much cooler. It is an even greater difference when compared to memory foam since memory foam actually works by retaining heat. The top layer would be the comfort layer which is meant to take on the main contouring duties while the polyfoam abse layer will hold you body up while also adding a small am9unt of contouring. The density range for Dunlop latex is 60-95 kg/m3 with a strong relationship between the density and firmness, much more so than for a polyurethane foam. With Bruno weighing in at 70 kg/m3 this layer would be in the softer range for a latex layer, as you would expect when used for a comfort layer. It is worth noting additionally that the top layer is cut into three sections. The two cuts are at the shoulder level and are there to provide additional give around the shoulders and reduce the latex push back.

Base/Support Layer:

UK: 20cm (7.9 inches) 48 kg/m3 (3 pcf) Bruno is quite unusual for an online mattress in the UK in having just two layers. With the relatively thin top comfort layer this layer is taking on a degree of comfort along with the main support duties. The good news is that 48 kg/m3 is a good specification for a base layer and offers good durability. It is slightly less firm than a normal base layer no doubt as it must provide some comfort along with the support. It is a polyurethane foam. The big design element is the laser cuts to add zoning. Zoning adds more sinkage in certain areas for increased softness/contouring. Usually in the shoulder and hip area. as there are only two layers and the cuts are on top of the base layer the zoning on Bruno is more effective than other mattresses where the zoning is buried much deeper under other layers. The cuts actually go the whole length of the layer with three areas getting deeper grooves, over the shoulder and hip areas. While Bruno and other brands call this 7 zones to my mind this is more accurately called 3 zones as only 3 zones differ in feel to the rest of the mattress.

Total height:

The official height is 24cm (9.4 inches), however that includes 1cm for the top cover. The foam itself is 23cm (9.1 inches) high.
Bruno mattress Layers
Bruno layers

Weights of the mattresses as provided by Bruno:
The containing box will weigh 3 kg.

Mattress weights:

Single 23 kg
Double 34 kg
King 38 kg
Super King 47 kg

Actual weights:

For some reason I have found published mattress weights pretty inaccurate. What I now do is weight my own mattress and calculate what this makes the other sizes. Using my own calculations give:
single 21.4 kg
eu single 22.5 kg
double 32.1 kg
eu double 35.0 kg
king 37.5 kg
eu king 40.0 kg
super king 45.0 kg

Bruno Mattress Thoughts

Bruno is an interesting mattress. While the headline is latex the main bulk of the mattress is polyfoam. Having that latex top layer albeit only 3 cm (1.1 inches) deep gives the latex spring like feel, good hypoallergenic properties, good longevity and latex is highly durable and the top layer is the first to suffer from durability issues and also great cooling as latex retains far less body heat than polyfoam or memory foam. However only two layers, you go straight from that top comfort layer to the firm base layer. Clearly this is an issue because the addition of cuts at shoulder level to help with shoulder relief and cuts for zoning the whole length of the base layer show that this is basically a firm configuration. Even the use of Dunlop rather than Talalay latex might have added to the firmness. What you do get is a high density base/support layer menaing oevrall this should offer decent long life for a foam mattress.

Tests and Analysis:

Edge support:

Although the high average density for the mattress as a whole at 48 kg/m3 might promise great edge support the problem here is that there are just two layers. The base layer has to double as a support and also transition layer and so it is less firm that a traditional base layer of say a 3 layer configuration. While that density means the promise over better durability over time the downside is less edge support because of the softer nature to the base. While the edge support does well for my 20 kg test because much of the burden is taken by the springy latex layer, my 40 kg test and perhaps most indicative of real world scenarios show more than average dip on the edge. Because the edge support is poor with weight increases but better than average for low pressure I have still given Bruno the same score as the majority of the mattresses I have tested. Just bear in mind the heavier you are the worse Bruno will be in comparison to similar mattresses. Score: 8.5/10

Firmness (sinkage):

There is no doubt the feel of the Bruno mattress is quite different to a normal polyfoam mattress. Most noticeable is the springiness the latex provides and the firm overall feel in general. This is neither a good or bad thing, just a matter of preference. Indeed generally a firmer mattress will offer a greater lifespan since there is less movement in the depth of the mattress as you lay and change position on it. Also as a firmer mattress such as this one has you laying on top rather than being enveloped in it and so you sleep cooler. I do not want to give the impression that the mattress has a hard feel, indeed you do sink in enough that your pressure points are relieved. The Bruno also may be a good option for heavier than average people due to the feel and overall density holding up better over time. The significant point here is the amount of spring and push-back that Bruno has and can make it feel firmer than the sinkage tests would suggest. Firmer than all other mattresses I have tried apart from the Otty Original Hybrid. Firmness: 9/10


There is no doubt this is a great option for someone who needs to sleep cool. Latex offers great cooling properties compared to high density polyurethane foam and memory foam. Less of your body heat is retained and this together with the way Bruno has you sleeping on top of the mattress adds up to a great mattress for cool sleeping. Cooling: 9/10

Spot Relief (point elasticity):

I rate Bruno a little bit below average for spot relief. Not to be confused with pressure relief. Bruno certainly has a lot of push-back but in terms of how much foam gets pushed down outside the area actually being pushed down on Bruno does well. This is also a measure of contouring. This is often the case as it correlates strongly with firmness. My score takes into account the firmness level along with the amount of foam affected. Being a firm mattress I would expect slightly less foam to be affected. Spot relief (point elasticity): 6.5/10

Mattress for Sex/Bounce:

When it comes to the best mattress for sex I rate this by having good bounce without being like a trampoline or overly firm. I find Bruno very bouncy and with the high average density well suited to very heavy use in the long term. Bruno may still be a little too springy for some peoples taste, it is very springy. For this reason I have to rate it down a little bit as it may be too much for some. Sex/Bounce: 8.5/10

Weight Capacity:

7.8 – 17.3 stone (50-110 kg). This is just a guide. This about the weight range at which Bruno think their mattress loses its supportive properties. This actually surprised me somewhat, on paper this should suit heavier than average people but this range is  a tad under the average for a foam mattress of 114 kg.

Motion Transfer:

Unfortunately the very qualities that make for a bouncy mattress lead to poor motion transfer properties as little of the energy from movement is absorbed. In this category Bruno is below average and has more than average transfer of movement across the mattress. Motion Transfer: 5.5/10

Type of Sleepers this mattress suits:

Each sleeping position requires different properties from your mattress. Front sleepers require a mattress with little sag in the middle to ensure their spine does not get out of line. A firmer feel without being overly firm is good for stomach sleepers. Bruno certainly qualifies here. Side sleepers need good give at the shoulder area and not too much push back. Bruno has a bit too much push back for my linking despite its zoning in the shoulder area. Back sleepers have enough pressure relief and contouring to ensure spinal alignment although the feel remains firm. Back sleepers 8/10 Side sleepers 5/10 Stomach sleepers 8/10


It seems the over whelming majority of online only or bed in a box offerings attempt to occupy the same ground in terms of pricing. There are a little differences of around £50 to £100 depending on size and also deals on offer at any one time. Bruno is a little on the higher than average size but again depending on the size and deal. You must take quality of materials into account when making any conclusions on price. Average price: £587, rank: 3rd of 9


In terms of sheer average density Bruno is excellent. This is the amount of foam in a given area determined by weight. Bruno averages 51 kg/m3. Compare that to say Leesa and Casper at 41 kg/m3 on average for the whole mattress. If it wasn’t for the amount of spring the mattress has I would have said this makes an ideal base for a topper. Design elements are good too with handles on the bottom and zoning across the entire mattress. The top latex is certified for low VOCs. The downside is that the only comfort layer is the 3 cm of latex. Materials/Design: 8/10


While the German version of the Bruno has OEKO-TEX® certification for low off gassing due to UK laws regulating foam materials and their requirements for fire safety the UK version is slightly different and so does not have OEKO-TEX® certification. However the top latex layer does carry certification. I had no issues with smells from the mattress and that top latex layer would certainly minimise any exposure to leeching of chemicals. Smells: 8/10


I give no score for this category to any mattress as this is so personal as to be almost meaningless. if you prefer a firmer mattress and /or lots of bounce and a springy feel you may well find this very comfortable. For me personally at 13 stone (82kg or 182lbs) and having a preference for a softer feel (less push back) it wasn’t overly comfortable. However I must add that a nights sleep on Bruno was without issue, it is very supportive and though I am prone to lower back pain the support was such that I had no issues, something that can be a problem on softer mattresses. Indeed, though I cant say laying on Bruno gives you a feeling of sumptuous comfort, when I switched from Bruno to a softer polyfoam mattress I was struck but the obvious lack of support between the two. The point I am trying to make is that some of the positive attributes of the mattress only became clear when switching to a different mattress.


Bruno Zoning
Bruno Zoning
Note the laser cuts along the top of the orange core layer and the cuts at shoulder height on the latex top comfort layer. The Bruno mattress takes full advantage of zoning. With laser cuts the entire length of the mattress and just below the top layer make this very effective used this way. It remains firm overall but adds contouring at the shoulder and hip areas.

Bruno Mattress Overall:

Average Density: 51 kg/m3


Item out of 10
Edge Support 8.5
Firmness 9 (firm)
Cooling 9
Spot Relief 6.5
Sex/Bounce 8.5
Motion Transference 5.5
Back Sleepers 8
Side Sleepers 8
Stomach Sleepers 5
Price Average: £587, rank: 3rd of 9.
Materials/Design 8
Smell/off-gassing 8
Zoning: yes, 7 zones


Type Price
Single £385
EU Single £425
Double £550
EU Double £575
King £675
EU King £725
Super King £775

General Mattress Conclusion:

Bruno at the end of the day is a well specified mattress with some excellent design features. It does remain however a little bit of a niche mattress in that the feel is outside of that goldilocks zone where a mattress sits in the middle ground of the feel desired by most people. Something a lot of people do not realise however is that a foam mattress starts breaking down as soon as you lay it. Its simply the nature of foam. This is where Bruno is a better long term proposition. Its high average density of 51 kg/m3 is well ahead of all the other online mattresses I have so far reviewed. Along with its firm feel this suggests it will stand up to use over time much better and keep its feel longer. If you like a soft feel and buy an average specified mattress you may well find it lasts little more than year before it starts developing soft spots and slight sags. I am generalising here but it is indeed the case. Bruno might be an acquired taste for many but one you appreciate after several weeks of adjusting to its firm and very springy feel. The again if you are on the heavy side and not a side sleeper the Bruno mattress may well be a good fit. It offers good cooling properties, low off gassing and a good option for heavier than average people (but not over 100 kg). You even get a free box of chocolates, oh and then there is the fully removable top cover (seperate to the sides and rear section). One thing to note is the 10 hour allowance for a 1 inch sag in the warranty. This is something extra compared to most online foam mattresses that stipulate a 1 inch sag is acceptable before you can claim. Bruno go further and say that sag must last at least 10 hours after you have slept on it.
Bruno Handles
Handles on the bottom of the Bruno mattress


Originally the UK mattress (2016/2017) held OEKO-TEX® certification for low VOC’s for the whole mattress. This changed late 2017 when the polyfoam layer no longer carried that certification. In 2017 additional cuts in the top layer at the shoulder level were added for more shoulder give.


Bruno has a latex top layer. This will feel much springier and have more push back than a polyfoam or memory foam layer. It will sleep cooler too.

Warranty Highlights

  • 10 Year Limited Guarantee


  • Deterioration which causes the mattress to have a visible indentation or sag greater than 2.5 cm (1 inch) after 10 hours of non-use, as long as that indentation or sag has not resulted from use of an improper or unsupportive foundation
  • Warranty is for the benefit of the original purchaser only and is not transferable
  • This guarantee does not apply to instances of normal ageing wear and tear or softening of the mattress.

Bruno vs Emma Hybrid

Two very different mattresses. Bruno is one of the firmest and bounciest mattresses I have tried. It has a latex top layer and only one other layer, the solid polyfoam core. Emma has 4 layers, is in the middle ground of mattresses for bounce and firmness but also uses mini pocket springs.

Bruno vs Emma Original

Both are firm but Bruno is significantly firmer and bouncier than Emma Original. Top latex layer on Bruno and polyurethane foam top layer on Emma. There is memory foam in the second layer on Emma which is missing from the Bruno which has just two layers. Bruno will sleep slightly cooler.

Bruno vs Otty

Bruno has a latex top layer which is fast to respond to changes in sleep position and sleeps cool. Otty has a gel memory foam layer on top which has a slow response to change and sleeps relatively hotter than latex. Both are on the firm side and quite bouncy.

Bruno vs Simba

Simba is one of the softer and less bouncy mattresses I have tried, Bruno one of the firmer and bounciest. They are opposite ends of the scale for feel.